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  • 25 May 2023
  • 5 min read

India's Anti-Corruption Efforts for Women's Empowerment

In the upcoming G20 anti-corruption working group meeting in Rishikesh, India will shed light on its experiences where anti-corruption efforts have positively impacted the empowerment of women. The meeting will cover a range of topics, including the impact of graft on women, the role of audit institutions, and the establishment of a common definition of economic offenders. India's initiative to explore the intersection of gender sensitivity and anti-corruption strategies will be highlighted in a separate event on the sidelines of the meeting.

India aims to deepen the commitment of G20 nations in countering corruption globally and preventing economic offenders from seeking refuge in countries with lenient laws. Indian Prime Minister's Nine Point Agenda for Action Against Fugitive Economic Offences and Asset Recovery, presented during Argentina's G20 Presidency in 2018, resonates with the concerns of all G20 countries.

India is also compiling a compendium of good practices regarding the role of auditing in combating corruption, emphasizing collaboration between Supreme Audit Authorities and anti-corruption bodies to enhance transparency and accountability in public finances. This comprehensive approach demonstrates India's priority in strengthening the fight against corruption.

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Indigenous Tribes Demand Total Separation of Manipur's Hill Areas

In Manipur, the Indigenous Tribal Leaders' Forum (ITLF) is a tribal leaders’ forum in Manipur that describes itself as a conglomerate of the recognized tribes in Manipur’s Churachandpu. It has called for the complete separation of the hill areas, inhabited primarily by the indigenous tribes of the Kuki-Chin-Zomi-Mizo group, from the rest of the state. The ITLF, representing the recognized tribes in Manipur's Churachandpur district, submitted a petition to the former CRPF chief, who was appointed as the security advisor to the Manipur government following recent ethnic clashes. The forum expressed their inability to coexist with the dominant Meiteis, accusing them of perpetrating endless atrocities and displaying hatred towards the tribal people.

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Efforts to Resolve Assam and Meghalaya Border Dispute

The recent chief minister-level meeting between Assam and Meghalaya marked a significant step towards resolving the long-standing border disputes between the two states. With Assam and Meghalaya sharing an 884 km-long border that has witnessed frequent flare-ups, this meeting was the "beginning" of the resolution process for the remaining six disputed areas.

Since July 2021, they have been engaged in discussions to settle the disputes, and last March, 2022 they signed an MoU to address six out of the twelve disputed areas. The six sectors where disputes remain are Langpih, Borduar, Nongwah-Mawtamur, DeshDoomreah, Block 1 & Block II, and Psiar-Khanduli.

Additionally, the meeting decided to initiate visits to the disputed areas by three panels previously formed by both states. These developments indicate a renewed commitment to resolve the border issues and foster peace and stability in the region.

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The Changathi Project

The accomplishment of migrant workers in the Malayalam examination highlights the success of the Changathi project under the Kerala Literacy Mission.

Designed to address the exclusion faced by migrant labourers in society, this program aims to teach them to read and write Malayalam and Hindi. Recognizing the importance of socio-cultural integration, the literacy mission seeks to equip migrant workers with the necessary skills to understand the nuances of the state they reside in. The programme was first launched on August 15, 2017, in Perumbavoor, Kerala.
Through initiatives like Changathi, migrant workers are being empowered, breaking down barriers and fostering greater inclusivity in society.

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