हिंदी साहित्य: पेन ड्राइव कोर्स
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Important Facts For Prelims

Important Facts for Prelims (July 13, 2018)

  • 13 Jul 2018
  • 3 min read

Bengei Nacha

  • In the State of Odisha, ‘Bengei Nacha’ or ‘frog dance’ is a traditionally performed ritual to appease the rain gods.
  • As per belief, the croaking sounds made by frogs during the ritual would alert rain god ‘Indra Devata’ to the lack of precipitation in a village.
  • Amid much fanfare, villagers catch a frog and put it inside a pitcher partly filled with water which is carried by two people at the head of a procession.
  • Monsoon rains are vital for Indian agriculture, which is a major source of employment in the country.
  • Rituals devoted to rain gods vary from State to State depending upon local customs and traditions.

Scientists Perform First Color X-ray on a Human

  • Scientists from New Zealand performed the first ever 3D color X-Ray on a human being using a technique that could improve the field of medical diagnostics.
  • The new device, named Medipix, is based on the traditional black-and-white X-Ray but has incorporated a particle-tracking technology developed by CERN for its Large Hadron Collider.
  • The color X-ray imaging technique could produce clearer and more accurate pictures and help doctors give their patients more accurate diagnoses.

Buddha of Swat

  • The Buddha seated in a meditative posture is an iconic 7th-century sculpture and is considered one of the largest rock sculptures in South Asia.
  • The Buddha sits in Jehanabad, the epicenter of Swat's Buddhist heritage, a beautiful valley in the foothills of the Himalayas.
  • The holy figure, depicted in a lotus position at the base of a granite cliff in northern Pakistan, was severely damaged by Islamists insurgents.
  • Swat was for centuries a pilgrimage site for the Buddhist faithful, especially from the Himalayas.
  • The Vajrayana school even consider it a "holy land", from where their faith originated.
  • They continued to visit right up until the 20th century when borders hardened with the independence of British India and creation of Pakistan in 1947.
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