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Important Facts For Prelims

Important Facts for Prelims (13th December 2018)

  • 13 Dec 2018
  • 3 min read

Andaman Sea Kraits

  • The two species of amphibious snakes, yellow-lipped and the blue-lipped Andaman sea krait, have been spotted on tree roots (especially of uprooted Manilkara littoralis, a mangrove tree) on the beaches in Andaman.
  • Andaman sea Kraits are colourful and banded sea snakes endemic to Andaman islands.
  • Andaman sea kraits which are mostly nocturnal, hunt for their prey in coral reefs. Though they spend a lot of time underwater, they get back to land to digest their prey, lay eggs and even shed their skin.
  • Removal of uprooted trees to clear the beach for tourism has negatively impacted the sea kraits.
  • Giving legal protection to sandy beaches and implementing the regulation on activities like sand mining and tourism can help conserve neglected Andaman sea Kraits.

Nile Delta Threatened by Climate Change

  • Northern Egypt’s Nile Delta is shrinking due to the warming climate. The shrinking is compounded by rising seas and soil salinization.
  • Deltas with triangular or fan shape are called arcuate (arc-like) deltas. The Nile River forms an arcuate delta as it empties into the Mediterranean Sea (examples of arcuate delta in India are Ganga delta and Indus delta).
  • The fertile basin is home to nearly half the country’s population.
  • The Nile is the longest river in the world. It originates near the equator and flows nearly 7000 km northward. It provides Egypt with 90% of its water needs.

Rythu Bandhu Scheme

  • Rythu Bandhu scheme also known as Agriculture Investment Support Scheme, is a welfare program to support farmer’s investment for two crops a year by the Government of Telangana.
  • The scheme seeks to provide a grant of Rs. 4,000 per acre per farmer each season for the purchase of inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticide etc.
  • The scheme is aimed at relieving the farmers from debt burden and not allowing them to fall into the debt trap.

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