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Quarantine And Chill

  • 04 Apr 2020

The Corona Virus outbreak has veritably brought the world on its knees. Locked down in their homes, strictly not allowed to venture out, people are finding comfort in movies and series on online streaming platforms.

From zombies to aliens to doomsday predictions, movies have it all covered for us. Some of them seem uncharacteristically real but they also give some sense of hope. Here is a shortlist of movies and television series from across the globe to binge while locked up in your houses.

12 Monkeys

This apocalyptic nightmare by Terry Gilliam is an uncommonly wrenching and vigorous work of science fiction. The movie is based on the 1962 short film La Jetée from French director Chris Marker. James Cole played by Bruce Willis is made to travel through time to track the spread of the plague that has spread around the world and has forced civilisations to go underground. A group known as the Army of the Twelve Monkeys is believed to have released the virus. The film was nominated for and won many awards as well as critical acclaim.

28 Days Later

From the directors of Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire, this movie by Danny Boyle is totally engaging and worth hooking to in the time of a pandemic. A man named Jim (Cillian Murphy) wakes up from a coma after having survived an accident. Unaware of the new reality where a highly contagious virus has wreaked havoc in the country, he wanders alone in London looking for a sign of life. What he ends up finding is a new reality for the survivors while at the same time he tries to piece together his life and find his family in the face of a global pandemic.


In this 2009 American post-apocalyptic film, by Alex and David Pastor, none is safe from the viral pandemic threatening to wipe the human race from the face of the planet. The four leads set out across the desert to escape the deadly epidemic and survive the apocalypse. However, in the course, they learn that the darkness within themselves may prove deadlier than any microbe.


A woman returns to Minnesota from a trip to Hong-Kong, She dies mysteriously soon after, leaving her husband in total shock. Soon the mysterious disease spreads around killing many others and exploding into a global pandemic. Unlike most of the movies that build upon a superhero kind of escape, this one stands out for its focus on sensationalism in media and the ineffective policies of the lawmakers. The cast of the movie is stellar with Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, and Jude Law, all delivering a marvellous performance.

Dasavatharam (2008): Tamil/Telugu

For fans of South Indian films, Dasavatharam is one to watch out for. Starring Kamal Nath and Asin Thottumkal, the movie tracks the story of a bio-technologist who sets about on a precarious journey to India to retrieve a vial containing a deadly virus and prevent it from reaching the wrong hands of deadly assassins and an ex-CIA agent. Kamal Nath who is known for his nature of experimenting with cinema had written the screenplay for the film.

Go Goa Gone

Breaking away from the general horror and thriller genre that zombies and pandemic movies are usually based on, this movie takes a break from the traditional roles to present the same with a funny outlook. It is a story of three friends who visit an isolated island for a rave party but soon realise that the drugs being served there are so strong that they convert humans into zombies. Stranded and being hunted by zombies the adventure of the three friends is best suited for light-hearted entertainment.

Virus (2019): Malayalam

This movie is set against the backdrop of the Nipah outbreak in Kerala. The movie is a multistarrer fictional documentation of the outbreak. The movie takes us through various incidents that celebrate the work of courageous individuals who worked selflessly and risked their lives to prevent the spread of an epidemic.

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