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  • West Nile Virus

    For Prelims: West Nile Virus, Flavivirus, Transmission cycle of West Nile Virus, WHO For Mains: Prevention and Control of virus-associated...

    01 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022

    For Prelims: Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022, Applications of Drone Technology, Drone Rules 2021, PIL Scheme for Drones, Drone Shakti Scheme, Swamitva...

    01 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chips

    For Prelims: Artificial Intelligence, Active Neural Network, Machine Learning For Mains: IT & Computers Why in News? The adoption of...

    24 May 2022 Science & Technology

  • Private Players in Space Sector

    For Prelims: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), National Space Transportation Policy (NSTP), IN-SPACE, NewSpace India Limited (NSIL),...

    20 May 2022 Science & Technology

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

    For Prelims: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Butyrylcholinesterase. For Mains: New Study about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and its...

    19 May 2022 Science & Technology

  • India’s First 5G Testbed

    For Prelims: 5G, start-ups, Communication technology (4G, 5G) For Mains: Uses of 5G, Challenges for 5G Rollout in India Why in News? Recently,...

    18 May 2022 Science & Technology

  • HS200 Solid Rocket Booster for Gaganyaan Mission

    Why in News? Recently, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has completed the static test of the human-rated solid rocket booster (HS200)...

    16 May 2022 Science & Technology

  • Open-RAN Architecture

    For Prelims: Open-RAN Architecture, 5G. For Mains: Advantages of Open-RAN Architecture. Why in News? The Ministry of Communications has signed...

    11 May 2022 Science & Technology

  • W Boson

    For Prelims: Standard Model of Particle Physics, W Boson, Z boson, Higgs boson. For Mains: Scientific Innovations & Discoveries Why in...

    11 May 2022 Science & Technology

  • Monkey Pox

    For Prelims: Viral zoonosis, Monkey Pox, Small Pox. For Mains: Zoonotic Diseases, Health. Why in News? Recently, Health authorities in the...

    09 May 2022 Science & Technology

  • Tissue Culture Plants

    For Prelims: APEDA, DBT, Tissue Culture. For Mains: Tissue Culture Plants and their significance. Why in News? Recently, the Centre through...

    09 May 2022 Science & Technology

  • Venus Mission 2024

    For Prelims: Robotic missions (DaVinci Plus and Veritas) to Venus, Previous Missions Sent on Venus, Important Highlights of Venus For Mains: ISRO...

    07 May 2022 Science & Technology

  • First Human Case of H3N8 Bird Flu

    For Prelims: First Human Case of H3N8 Bird Flu, Influenza, SARS-CoV-2, Types of Influenza Virus For Mains: Health, Economics of Animal-Rearing,...

    28 Apr 2022 Science & Technology

  • Harnessing India’s Tech Strength

    For Prelims: Initiatives for Start-ups For Mains: Startups in India and challenges in achieving the true potential of start-ups, Steps taken to...

    27 Apr 2022 Science & Technology

  • Perseverance Rover Captures Eclipse on Mars

    For Prelims: Solar Eclipse, Perseverance Rover, Mars Missions, Planet Mars, NASA For Mains: Space Technology, Perseverance Rover, Phobos,...

    27 Apr 2022 Science & Technology

  • Blue Straggler Stars

    For Prelims: Blue Straggler Stars, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Astrosat, Red giant, White dwarf, Hertzsprung-Russell diagram For Mains:...

    25 Apr 2022 Science & Technology

  • Jupiter’s Moon Europa

    For Prelims: Jupiter and its Moons, NASA For Mains: Space Technology, Implications of Recent findings related to Jupiter's moon Europa Why in...

    23 Apr 2022 Science & Technology

  • Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

    For Prelims: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes, Dengue, Zika, Yellow Fever. For Mains: Health, Diseases. Why in News? Recently, the US conducted...

    23 Apr 2022 Science & Technology

  • National Cyber Security Strategy

    For Prelims: Data Security Council of India (DSCI), Government Initiatives for Cyber Security, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In),...

    18 Apr 2022 Science & Technology

  • Bernardinelli-Bernstein Comet

    For Prelims: Bernardinelli-Bernstein Comet, Comet, NASA, Hubble Space Telescope, C/2014 UN271, Pluto, Jupiter, Oort Cloud, Kuiper belt,...

    16 Apr 2022 Science & Technology

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