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  • India Stack Knowledge Exchange 2022

    For Prelims: Digital India, Digital Schemes of India For Mains: Role of Digitisation in economic growth, Effect of digital schemes on economy of...

    15 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  • Dark Matter

    For Prelims: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Universe, Galaxy, Bullet Cluster For Mains: Dark Matter and Dark Energy Why in News? Recently, a highly...

    13 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  • India’s Defence Exports

    For Prelims: Defence Technology For Mains: Technology, Defence Exports, Indigenization of Technology Why in News? India’s defence...

    09 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  • GigaMesh Solution

    For Prelims: GigaMesh, ARTPARK, Spectrum, Artificial Intelligence For Mains: Rural Connectivity, Role of AI in Digital Inclusiveness, Challenges...

    09 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  • Metaverse Standards Forum

    For Prelims: Metaverse, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality For Mains: Metaverse Standards Forum, Need of Interoperability in Metaverse Why in...

    09 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  • Hadron Collider Run 3

    For Prelims: Hadron Collider, Particle Physics, God Particle, Big Bang Theory, CERN For Mains: Evolution of Matter, Significance of LHC,...

    07 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  • Perspective: 5G Rollout: Telcos VS Big Tech Cos

    For Prelims: 5G Technology. For Mains: IT and Computers, Challenges for 5G Rollout in India. Why in News? Recently, the Union Cabinet gave...

    30 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • 5G and Optical Fibre

    This editorial is based on “Preparing for 5G” which was published in The Indian Express on 29/06/2022. It talks about the significance...

    29 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • A Global Standard of AI Ethics

    This editorial is based on “A new global standard for AI ethics” which was published in The Hindu on 22/06/2022. It talks about the...

    22 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • Critical Information Infrastructure

    For Prelims: Critical Information Infrastructure, Cyber Attacks, NPCI, IT 2000 For Mains: Critical Information Infrastructure, Cyber Attacks,...

    22 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • WEB 5.0

    For Prelims: Web 5.0, Blockchain Technology For Mains: Web 5.0, IT and Computers Why in News? Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently...

    18 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • Coping with Type-1 Diabetes

    For Prelims: Type-1 Diabetes, ICMR, World Diabetes Day For Mains: Diabetes, Healthcare, Initiatives to curb Diabetes, Government Policies &...

    17 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • Prithvi-II Missile

    For Prelims: Prithvi II, DRDO, IGMDP, Agni IV, Ballistic Missiles, Various types of Missiles For Mains: Missile Technology of India, IGMDP Why...

    16 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • Language Model for Dialogue Applications

    For Prelims: Language Model for Dialogue Applications, Chatbot and Types, Artificial Intelligence For Mains: Awareness in the fields of IT, Space,...

    15 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • Disruptive Technology

    What is Disruptive Technology? Disruptive technology is an innovation that significantly alters the way that consumers, industries, or businesses...

    15 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • India and Advanced Computing Technologies

    This editorial is based on "In an Era of Cyber Wars, India Needs A Fortified Computing Ecosystem" which was published in Hindustan Times on...

    11 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • China’s Tiangong Space Station

    For Prelims: Tiangong Space Station, Earth observatory satellites of India, Polar satellites, International Space Station For Mains: Contribution...

    11 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • Transfer of in-orbit Communication to NewSpace India Ltd (NSIL)

    For Prelims: ISRO, NSIL For Mains: Need of Space Revolution and related steps taken Why in News? Recently, the government has approved the...

    11 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • Thailand Makes Marijuana Legal

    For Prelims: Marijuana, Narcotic Drugs and Psychoactive Substances For Mains: Legalization and Criminalization of Marijuana Why in...

    11 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

  • India's first Biotech Startup Expo 2022

    For Prelims: India's first Biotech Startup Expo 2022, Biotechnology For Mains: Potential of Biotech Sector and Associated Challenges Why in...

    10 Jun 2022 Science & Technology

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