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  • 2023 Prelims Analysis

    1. In which one of the following regions was Dhanyakataka, which flourished as a prominent Buddhist centre under the Mahasanghikas, located? (a)...

    28 May 2023 Prelims Analysis

  • 2022 Prelims Analysis (Set C)

    1. Consider the following pairs: Site of Ashoka’s major rock edicts Location in the State...

    05 Jun 2022 Prelims Analysis

  • 2021 Prelims Analysis

    1. With reference to the history of ancient India, Bhavabhuti, Hastimalla and Kshemeshvara were famous (a) Jain monks (b) playwrights (c) temple...

    27 Oct 2021 Prelims Analysis

  • 2020 Prelims Analysis

    1. With reference to carbon nanotubes, consider the following statements: They can be used as carriers of drugs and antigens in the human...

    05 Oct 2020 Prelims Analysis

  • 2019 Prelims Analysis

     Prelims 2019 Question Paper   Prelims 2019 Answer Key   CSAT 2019 Answer Key  1. With reference to Mughal India,...

    04 Jun 2019 Prelims Analysis

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