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  • General Lachit Borphukan of Ahom Kingdom

    Why in News Recently, the Prime Minister called 17th century Ahom general Lachit Borphukan a symbol of India’s “Atma Nirbhar military...

    22 Mar 2021 Medieval Indian History

  • Anangpal II: Tomar Dynasty

    Why in News Recently, a seminar highlighted the legacy of the long-forgotten Tomar king - Anangpal II. Key Points About Anangpal II: Anangpal...

    19 Mar 2021 Medieval Indian History

  • Vijayanagar King Krishnadevaraya

    Why in News The first-ever epigraphical reference (an inscription) to the date of death of Vijayanagar king Krishnadevaraya has been discovered at...

    26 Feb 2021 Medieval Indian History

  • Maharaja Suheldev

    Why in News The Prime Minister has laid the foundation stone of a Maharaja Suheldev memorial and the development work of Chittaura lake in Uttar...

    17 Feb 2021 Medieval Indian History

  • Anubhava Mantapa in Basavakalyan: Karnataka

    Why in News Recently, the Chief Minister of Karnataka has laid the foundation stone for the ‘New Anubhava Mantapa’ in Basavakalyan, the...

    07 Jan 2021 Medieval Indian History

  • Battles of Panipat

    First Battle of Panipat (1526) The Battle The First Battle of Panipat (21 April 1526) fought near a small village of Panipat( Haryana), this...

    16 Nov 2020 Medieval Indian History

  • Kakatiya Dynasty

    Why in News A temple constructed by emperor Ganapati Deva, a mighty ruler of Kakatiya dynasty, in Dharanikota (Andhra Pradesh) has been converted...

    21 Sep 2020 Medieval Indian History

  • Inscription from Renati Chola Era

    Why in News A rare inscription dating back to the Renati Chola era has been unearthed in a remote village of Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. Key...

    01 Sep 2020 Medieval Indian History

  • Founder of Ahom Kingdom: Chaolung Sukapha

    Why in News Recently, there has been a controversy in Assam regarding Chaolung Sukapha who founded the Ahom kingdom. Amidst the ongoing...

    22 Jun 2020 Medieval Indian History

  • 480th Birth Anniversary of Maharana Pratap

    Why in News Recently, the Prime Minister and Vice President of India paid tributes to Maharana Pratap on his 480th birth anniversary. Maharana...

    11 May 2020 Medieval Indian History

  • Monasteries at Moghalmari

    Why in News Recently, a study of inscriptions on clay tablets excavated from Moghalmari have confirmed the presence of two...

    14 Jan 2020 Medieval Indian History

  • Bibi ka Maqbara of Aurangabad

    Why in News The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) will undertake scientific conservation of Bibi Ka Maqbara located in Aurangabad,...

    06 Jan 2020 Medieval Indian History

  • Ain-i-Akbari

    Ain-i-Akbari is a 16th century document. Written by: Akbar’s court historian Abu'l Fazl in Persian language. Deals with: the administration...

    16 Nov 2019 Medieval Indian History

  • Krishnapatnam Port

    The Adani Group of Companies has expressed its interest in the Krishnapatnam port, as part of its plan to expand its reach in the east...

    13 Nov 2019 Medieval Indian History

  • 550th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Guru Nanak Dev

    Why in News Recently, the Prime Minister of India participated in the special event organised at Dera Baba Nanak to inaugurate the Integrated Check...

    12 Nov 2019 Medieval Indian History

  • Pinguli Chitrakatha Art

    "Chitra" means picture and "Katha" means story and the exponent called Chitrakathi is the person who narrates the story with the aid of some visual...

    03 May 2019 Medieval Indian History

  • Ruins of the Church of St. Augustine

    The church was built between 1597 and 1602, and is dedicated to Our Lady of Grace by the Order of Saint Augustine. The church was abandoned in...

    28 Dec 2018 Medieval Indian History

  • Kartarpur Corridor

    The Union cabinet has approved the construction of a ‘corridor’ linking India with the historic Kartarpur gurdwara on the banks of the...

    23 Nov 2018 Medieval Indian History

  • Naya Jain Mandir (Jains in Mughal Administration)

    The Jain trading community came to Delhi on the invitation of Shah Jahan (1628 AD-1658 AD) when the city of Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi) was being...

    23 Oct 2018 Medieval Indian History

  • Deccan History: Cosmopolitan World

    Deccan history is full of cosmopolitan world where mobility, fluid identities, cross-cultural interactions and political strategies defy the modern...

    17 Sep 2018 Medieval Indian History

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