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  • Preventing Death Penalty

    This editorial is based on “A New Track for Capital Punishment Jurisprudence” which was published in The Hindu on 07/05/2022. It talks...

    09 May 2022 Judiciary

  • Assam Cattle Preservation (Amendment) Act, 2021

    For Prelims: Directive Principles of State Policy (Article 48) For Mains: Cow protection law, Assam Cattle Preservation (Amendment) Act,...

    07 May 2022 Judiciary

  • Criminal Justice System

    For Prelims: Draft Rules of Criminal Practice, 2020, Supreme Court, Indian Penal Code For Mains: Criminal Justice System, Under trial prisoners,...

    30 Apr 2022 Judiciary

  • Cyber Security

    For Prelims: Cyber Surakshit Bharat Initiative, Cyber Swachhta Kendra, Online cybercrime reporting portal, For Mains: Issue of Cyber Security, Steps...

    29 Apr 2022 Judiciary

  • Olga Tellis Case 1985

    For Prelims: Supreme Court, Olga Tellis vs Bombay Municipal Corporation, in 1985 case, Right to Life of Pavement Dwellers, Prior Approval for...

    26 Apr 2022 Judiciary

  • Hate Crime

    What is Hate Crime? About: Hate crime refers to criminal acts which are motivated by bias against an individual or social group because of...

    21 Apr 2022 Judiciary

  • Mediation in Judicial Process

    For Prelims: Mediation, Supreme Court, Arbitration, Negotiation, Conciliation, Various laws Related to Mediation. For Mains: Dispute Redressal...

    11 Apr 2022 Judiciary

  • Reforming Death Penalty

    For Prelims: Important Cases Related to Death Penalty, Provisions for Death Penalty, Article 21. For Mains: Judiciary, Government Policies &...

    06 Apr 2022 Judiciary

  • Digital Platform FASTER

    Why in News? Recently, Chief Justice of India (CJI) launched the digital platform FASTER (Fast and Secured Transmission of Electronic...

    01 Apr 2022 Judiciary

  • Determination of Minority in India

    For Prelims: National Minorities Commission Act, 1992, Article 29, Article 30, Article 350(B). For Mains: Determination of Minorities in India and...

    29 Mar 2022 Judiciary

  • Reforming Criminal Laws

    For Prelims: Criminal laws such as Indian Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Indian Evidence Act For Mains: Judiciary, Reforming...

    26 Mar 2022 Judiciary

  • Principle of Reasonable Accommodation

    For Prelims: International Labour Organisation (ILO), Supreme Court, Hijab, Fundamental Rights, Cases Related to Freedom of Religion, Rights of...

    21 Mar 2022 Judiciary

  • Sealed Cover Jurisprudence

    For Prelims: Supreme Court, Chief Justice of India (CJI), Sealed Cover Jurisprudence. For Mains: Judiciary, Indian Constitution, Fundamental...

    17 Mar 2022 Judiciary

  • Bail Provision Under UAPA

    For Prelims: Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, Citizenship (Amendment) Act, Code of Criminal Procedure, Supreme Court, First Information...

    16 Mar 2022 Judiciary

  • Representation of Women in Judiciary

    For Prelims: Chief Justice of India, United Nations General Assembly, Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations, Supreme Court Collegium For...

    11 Mar 2022 Judiciary

  • Three Capital Issue of Andhra Pradesh

    For Prelims: Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Article 226, Ist Schedule, IVth Schedule For Mains: Multiple State Capital Idea and its impact on...

    08 Mar 2022 Judiciary

  • Artificial Intelligence in Judiciary

    For Prelims: eCourts project, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG), SUPACE For Mains: Use of...

    08 Mar 2022 Judiciary

  • Need For Federal Judiciary

    This editorial is based on “A case for a more federal judiciary” which was published in The Hindu 17/02/2022. It talks about the issues...

    17 Feb 2022 Judiciary

  • Public Order

    For Prelims: Public Order, Hijab, Fundamental Rights, Cases Related to Freedom of Religion. For Mains: Fundamental Rights, Judiciary, Government...

    16 Feb 2022 Judiciary

  • Free Legal Aid

    For Prelims: National Legal Service Day, NALSA. For Mains: Free Legal aid, Related constitutional provisions and laws. Why in News? Recently,...

    14 Feb 2022 Judiciary

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