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  • Supreme Court Reform: The Case for Regional Benches

    This editorial is based on “Should India have regional benches of the Supreme Court?” which was published in The Hindu on 23/02/2024....

    24 Feb 2024 Judicial Review

  • SC's Use of Article 142 in Chandigarh Mayoral Election

    For Prelims: Supreme Court of India, Article 142, Judicial Activism, Fundamental Rights, Judicial Overreach. For Mains: Significance of Article...

    23 Feb 2024 Judicial Review

  • Examining One Nation, One Election

    This editorial is based on “The idea of one nation, one election is against federalism” which was published in The Hindu on 23/01/2024....

    23 Jan 2024 Judicial Review

  • Legal Triumphs and Challenges in Remission

    This editorial is based on “Justice for Bilkis Bano, questions on remission” which was published in The Hindu on 10/01/2024. It...

    10 Jan 2024 Judicial Review

  • Section 132 of the Income Tax Act,1961

    For Prelims: Fundamental Rights, Income-Tax Act,1961, Supreme Court, Right to Privacy, Wednesbury principle, Doctrine of Proportionality. For...

    08 Jan 2024 Judicial Review

  • Caste Based Discrimination in Indian Prisons

    For Prelims: Supreme Court of India, Public Interest Litigation, Chief Justice of India, Prisons Act of 1894, Manual Scavenging, Model Prisons Act,...

    06 Jan 2024 Judicial Review

  • Contempt of Court

    For Prelims: Contempt of Court, Supreme Court (SC), NCLAT (National Company Law Appellate Tribunal), Show Cause Notice, Chief Justice of India...

    19 Oct 2023 Judicial Review

  • States’ Lax Response to Mob Lynching

    For Prelims: Cow vigilantism, Mob Violence, lynching, National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW), Tahseen Poonawala versus Union of India Case...

    01 Aug 2023 Judicial Review

  • Anti-Defection Law


    05 Jul 2023 Judicial Review

  • Strengthening Indian Judiciary

    For Prelims: Indian judiciary, Live streaming of court proceedings, ADR mechanism, Union Budget 2023-24, All India Judicial Services (AIJS). For...

    31 May 2023 Judicial Review

  • Mercy Petition

    For Prelims: Mercy Petition, Supreme Court, Article 21, Article 72, Article 161, Pardoning Powers. For Mains: Mercy Petition. Why in News? In...

    05 May 2023 Judicial Review

  • 50 Years of Kesavananda Bharati Judgment

    This editorial is based on 50 years of Kesavananda Bharati judgment: which was published in Indian Express on 24/04/2023. It talks about the basic...

    24 Apr 2023 Judicial Review

  • Indianisation of the Judiciary

    For Prelims: Supreme Court, Chief Justice of India, All India Judicial Services (AIJS). For Mains: Initiatives Related to Judiciary in India,...

    25 Jan 2023 Judicial Review

  • Section 10A of the Divorce Act, 1869

    For Prelims: Fundamental Rights, Secularism, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, For Mains: Significance of Uniform Marriage Code, Right to...

    14 Dec 2022 Judicial Review

  • Doctrine of Basic Structure


    09 Sep 2022 Judicial Review

  • Law of Anti-Defection Law

    This editorial is based on “The anti-defection law - political facts, legal fiction” which was published in The Hindu on 30/06/2022. It...

    30 Jun 2022 Judicial Review

  • Judicial Activism, Restraint & Overreach

    What does it Mean? Judicial Activism: Judicial activism signifies the proactive role of the Judiciary in protecting the rights of...

    27 May 2022 Judicial Review

  • National Judicial Infrastructure Authority of India

    Why in News Recently, the Chief Justice of India proposed creation of a National Judicial Infrastructure Authority of India (NJIAI). Key...

    06 Dec 2021 Judicial Review

  • Public Interest Litigation

    Why in News The Supreme Court (SC) scolded a petitioner for filing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) without adequate research. Key...

    04 Oct 2021 Judicial Review

  • Sansad TV- Perspective: Indianisation of Judiciary

    Why in News The Chief Justice of India (CJI) - N.V. Ramanna has called the indianisation of the country’s legal system the need of the...

    23 Sep 2021 Judicial Review

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