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  • India's 6th Minor Irrigation Census

    For Prelims: Minor Irrigation Census, Minor irrigation schemes For Mains: Initiatives Related to Irrigation, Importance of census on minor...

    31 Aug 2023 Irrigation

  • Enhancing Water Resources Management and Conservation in India

    For Prelims: National Perspective Plan for Interlinking of Rivers, National Aquifer Mapping and Management Program (NAQUIM), PMKSY,Mission Amrit...

    14 Aug 2023 Irrigation

  • Technology in Indian Agriculture

    This editorial is based on Seeds for growth which was published in The Indian Express on 10/08/2023. It talks about the use of technology to boost...

    12 Aug 2023 Irrigation

  • Delayed Monsoon

    For Prelims: Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) , westerly jet stream,Southern Oscillation (SO), India Meteorological Department (IMD). For...

    10 Jun 2023 Irrigation

  • Direct-Seeding Method

    Why in News? Farmers in leading rice-growing states are adopting the direct-seeding method as a solution to delayed rains and labor shortages. What...

    02 Jun 2023 Irrigation

  • Groundwater Extraction and Land Subsidence

    For Prelims: Groundwater extraction, Land subsidence, Urbanization, National Compilation of Dynamic Ground Water Resources in India, Central Ground...

    19 May 2023 Irrigation

  • Unseasonal Rain and Impacts

    This editorial is based on Tackling unseasonal rain which was published in The Hindu Businessline on 04/05/2023. It talks about impact of...

    04 May 2023 Irrigation

  • Protecting Our Groundwater: A Priority for a Sustainable Future

    This editorial is based on “Protecting groundwater through safe sanitation” which was published in The Hindu Business Line on...

    02 Jan 2023 Irrigation

  • Preserving the Precious- Groundwater

    This article is based on “Preserving the precious: On ground water use” which was published in The Hindu on 14/11/2022. It talks about...

    14 Nov 2022 Irrigation

  • Dynamic Ground Water Resource Assessment, 2022

    For Prelims: Central Ground Water Board, heavy metal, Atal Bhujal Yojana, Jal Shakti Abhiyan For Mains: Groundwater and challenges with its...

    10 Nov 2022 Irrigation


    For Prelims: JALDOOT App, Ground Water Depletion, Initiatives related to Water Depletion. For Mains: JALDOOT App, Issues of Groundwater depletion...

    28 Sep 2022 Irrigation

  • Khush Rice Varieties


    10 Sep 2022 Irrigation

  • Solar Energy in Agriculture

    This editorial is based on “Solar energy: For Amrit Kaal in agriculture” which was published in The Indian Express on 22/08/2022. It...

    22 Aug 2022 Irrigation

  • Agriculture Census

    For Prelims: Agriculture Census, Technology for Farmers, Related Government Initiatives For Mains: Significance of Agriculture Sector in Economy,...

    29 Jul 2022 Irrigation

  • Direct-seeded Rice

    For Prelims: Direct Seeded Rice (DSR), water stress, groundwater For Mains: Benefits and issues of Direct Seeded Rice method of rice...

    07 Jul 2022 Irrigation

  • Costly Fertilisers: Rethink Consumption

    This editorial is based on “The fertiliser Pinch” which was published in The Indian Express on 24/06/2022. It talks about the need to...

    24 Jun 2022 Irrigation

  • Direct Seeding of Rice

    For Prelims: Direct Seeding of Rice (DSR), Rice For Mains: Irrigation, DSR Why in News? Recently, the Punjab government announced Rs 1,500...

    06 May 2022 Irrigation

  • Making Groundwater ‘Visible’

    This editorial is based on “Groundwater: A Valuable ‘invisible’ Resource” which was published in Hindustan Times on...

    22 Mar 2022 Irrigation

  • Depletion of Groundwater

    Why in News Recently, an analysis of water level data done by the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) indicates that about 33% of the wells monitored...

    30 Nov 2021 Irrigation

  • The Issues of Micro-Irrigation Sector

    This article is based on “An SOS Call from the Indian Micro-Irrigation Industry” which was published in Livemint on 19/11/2021. It...

    19 Nov 2021 Irrigation

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