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  • Cyber Crime: Data Deprivation and Data Localisation

    The article is based on “Data deprivation makes cybercrime difficult to tackle” that was published on 22nd August in Livemint. It talks...

    23 Aug 2019 Internal Security

  • Nuclear Doctrine of India

    Why in News? Amidst heightened tensions between India and Pakistan, Defence Minister of India has recently said that the 'no first use nuclear...

    23 Aug 2019 Internal Security

  • Defence Reforms: Chief of Defence Staff

    Introduction: The article is based on “Can a CDS act as a catalyst for further defence reforms?” published in The Hindu on 20th August....

    20 Aug 2019 Internal Security

  • Central Armed Police Force (CAPF)

    The Union Home Ministry has fixed the retirement age of all Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) personnel at 60 years. The Central Armed Police...

    20 Aug 2019 Internal Security

  • Chief of Defence Staff

    The Prime Minister has announced the establishment of the post of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) for the three services – the Indian Army, the...

    16 Aug 2019 Internal Security

  • Changes in the Prevention of Money Laundering Act

    Recently, the Union government has issued a notification on certain changes in the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), which will further...

    09 Aug 2019 Internal Security

  • Integrated Battle Groups

    In order to modernise and reform the Army, Indian Army is planning to raise Integrated Battle Groups (IBGs) along the borders with Pakistan that...

    29 Jul 2019 Internal Security

  • NIA Amendment Bill, 2019

    This article is based on “NIA amendment bill infringes upon state authority, must be reconsidered” that appeared in The Indian Express...

    26 Jul 2019 Internal Security

  • Bhabha Kavach

    India’s lightest and cheapest bullet proof jacket ‘Bhabha Kavach’ was displayed at the International Police Expo 2019 held at...

    22 Jul 2019 Internal Security

  • India’s Coastal Security

    India's 7,516-kilometre-long coastline includes 5,422 kilometres of coastline on the mainland and 2,094 kilometres on the islands belonging to nine...

    15 Jul 2019 Internal Security

  • Automated Facial Recognition System

    National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has released a request proposal for an Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS) to be used by police officers...

    10 Jul 2019 Internal Security

  • Vacancies in Policing

    The Bureau of Police Research and development’s report on “vacancies in the police organization” has revealed that in India, 5.28...

    08 Jul 2019 Internal Security

  • Storage of Payment System Data

    The Reserve Bank of India in its directive on 'Storage of Payment System Data' has made it clear that entire payment data shall be stored in systems...

    27 Jun 2019 Internal Security

  • Asia Media Summit

    16th Asia Media Summit 2019 was organized in Siem Reap province, Cambodia to deliberate on issues pertaining to media & broadcasting...

    17 Jun 2019 Internal Security

  • Tri-service Command in the Domain of
    Special Operations, Cyberspace and Space

    The three tri-service agencies to handle the critical domain of special operations, cyberspace and space are taking shape with the appointment of...

    16 May 2019 Internal Security

  • Christchurch Call

    India joined France, New Zealand, Canada and several other countries in launching a major initiative in Paris to combat terrorism and extremism...

    16 May 2019 Internal Security

  • North East Insurgency

    Introduction North East India is the region situated in the eastern-most part of India comprising of the eight states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam,...

    10 May 2019 Internal Security

  • Coastal Security

    Nearly 10% of mock attacks launched during the Exercise Sea Vigil were successful in breaching the multilayered defences along the coast. The...

    08 May 2019 Internal Security

  • Theatre Command in India

    According to report of Pentagon, China continues to rapidly modernise its war-fighting capabilities. In this context, Indian Armed forces lacks on...

    04 May 2019 Internal Security

  • High Security Number Plates

    Why in New? The issuing of certificate of registration (RC) for all classes of motor vehicles has been blocked from 2nd May 2019 in the country for...

    03 May 2019 Internal Security

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