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  • India’s National Security Strategy

    This editorial is based on “India to bring in a National Security Strategy: what is it, why is it important?” which was published in The...

    08 Nov 2023 Internal Security

  • National Security Strategy

    For Prelims: National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS), Comprehensive National Security, National Security Strategy, National Security Policy...

    07 Nov 2023 Internal Security

  • S-400 Missile and Project Kusha

    For Prelims: Indian Air Force (IAF), S-400 Triumf Missiles System, Project Kusha For Mains: Indigenization of Technology, Significance of India's...

    06 Nov 2023 Internal Security

  • State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

    For Prelims: State-Sponsored Attacks, Pegasus Project, Cyber Attack, Privacy Violations, Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C), Cyber...

    04 Nov 2023 Internal Security

  • President Terminates Services of an Indian Army Major

    For Prelims: President, Strategic Forces Command, Article 310, Army Act 1950, Military Intelligence (MI) Directorate, Directorate General of...

    02 Nov 2023 Internal Security

  • Need for a National Crisis Management Response Framework

    For Prelims: National Security Guard, Israel-Palestine For Mains: Security Challenges and their Management, Security Forces & Their Mandate,...

    20 Oct 2023 Internal Security

  • Smart Fencing System Along India-Myanmar Border

    For Prelims: Smart Fencing System, India-Myanmar Border For Mains: Infrastructure, Border Surveillance and Control, Security Challenges and their...

    16 Oct 2023 Internal Security

  • Integration Among Defence Forces

    For Prelims: Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), GSAT-7B, ISRO, Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), LCA-Mk1A, For Mains: Benefits...

    13 Oct 2023 Internal Security

  • Indian Army Enhancing Operational Preparedness

    For Prelims: Emergency Procurement, UAVs, Tethered drones, SWARM Drones, Make projects, iDEX (Innovation for Defence Excellence) For Mains:...

    31 Aug 2023 Internal Security

  • Inter-Services Organisation (Command, Control & Discipline) Bill 2023

    For Prelims: Inter-Services Organisation (Command, Control & Discipline) Bill - 2023, Andaman and Nicobar Command, Commands of Indian Army,...

    09 Aug 2023 Internal Security

  • Left Wing Extremism in India

    For Prelims: National Policy and Action Plan to address Left Wing Extremism 2015, Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015,...

    29 Jul 2023 Internal Security

  • Siachen Glacier

    For Prelims: Siachen Glacier, Geological Survey of India (GSI), Operation Megh Doot in 1984, Karachi Ceasefire Agreement, Simla Agreement. For...

    15 Jul 2023 Internal Security

  • PCA Asserts Competence in India-Pakistan Hydroelectric Projects Dispute

    For Prelims: Court of Arbitration, Indus Waters Treaty, Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), World Bank For Mains: Indus Waters Treaty and...

    10 Jul 2023 Internal Security

  • Rohingya Refugees in India

    For Prelims: Rohingya, Myanmar, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA), 1951 Refugee...

    22 May 2023 Internal Security

  • Common Uniform in Indian Army

    For Prelims: Indian Army, Uniform Accouterments, Regimental Parochialism. For Mains: Significance of Common Uniform in Indian Army. Why in...

    10 May 2023 Internal Security

  • Command Cyber Operations and Support Wings

    For Prelims: CCOSW, Technical Entry Scheme model, Cyber security For Mains: Significance of the CCOSWs in the Indian Army's cybersecurity...

    01 May 2023 Internal Security

  • Dima Hasao Peace Pact: Assam

    For Prelims: Dimasa National Liberation Army, NCHAC, Sixth Schedule, Ahom rule. For Mains: Dima Hasao Peace Pact, Dimasa Tribals and their...

    29 Apr 2023 Internal Security

  • Left Wing Extremism in Chhattisgarh

    For Prelims: Left-wing extremism (LWE), Tactical Counter Offensive Campaigns (TCOCs), SAMADHAN Doctrine, Special Infrastructure Scheme (SIS),...

    28 Apr 2023 Internal Security

  • Drug Trafficking and Threat to Security

    For Prelims: Methamphetamine, Fentanyl, NDPS Act, NCB, Golden Crescent and Golden Triangle, National Fund for Control of Drug Abuse, National...

    20 Apr 2023 Internal Security

  • National Investigation Agency

    For Prelims: Human Trafficking, Counterfeit currency or banknotes, Cyber-terrorism, NIA, Scheduled Offence, Terrorism, LWE, Insurgency,...

    18 Apr 2023 Internal Security

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