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  • Modified Incentive Scheme for Semiconductor Chip-Making

    For Prelims: Semiconductors and Related Schemes, Chip-making Initiative, PLI Scheme, DLI Scheme,Scheme for Promotion of Manufacturing of Electronic...

    27 Sep 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Eight Years of Make in India

    For Prelims: Make in India, Foreign Direct Investment, Ease of Doing Business, Production Linked Incentive (PLI), National Single Window System...

    27 Sep 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Maharatna Status to REC

    Why in News? Recently, Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) has been accorded the status of a ‘Maharatna’ Central Public Sector...

    24 Sep 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Perspective – Moonlighting Culture

    For Prelims: Moonlighting, Covid-19, Lockdown For Mains: Moonlighting Culture and its effects, Ethics and Human Interface Why in...

    21 Sep 2022 Industrial Policy

  • India at 75: Part III

    For Prelims: Five Year Plans, Green Revolution, 1991 economic reforms, GST, ISRO and initiatives, CSIR and related innovations, Integrated Guided...

    06 Sep 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Karnataka Iron Ore Mining

    For Prelims: Iron Ore Industry, Iron Ores in Karnataka, E-Auction For Mains: Significance of Iron Industry, Issues with Mining Industry Why in...

    02 Sep 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Draft Indian Ports Bill, 2022

    For Prelims: Major Ports in India, Major Ports vs Minor Ports. For Mains: Draft Indian Ports Bill, 2022, Indian Ports Act 1908 and the Major Port...

    19 Aug 2022 Industrial Policy

  • India’s Industrial Sector

    This editorial is based on “Core constraints: On economic recovery” which was published in Hindustan Times on 01/08/2022. It talks...

    01 Aug 2022 Industrial Policy

  • GIFT City and Bullion Exchange

    For Prelims: IFSCA, IIBX, SEZ, RBI SEBI For Mains: GIFT city and its Significance Why in News? Recently, the Prime Minister has laid the...

    30 Jul 2022 Industrial Policy

  • MIST Submarine Cable System

    Why in News? Recently, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change recommended MIST (Myanmar/Malaysia-India-Singapore Transit) Submarine...

    27 Jul 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Strengthening Pharmaceuticals Industry

    For Prelims: Strengthening of Pharmaceutical Industry Scheme, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients For Mains: Indian pharmaceutical industry, health,...

    23 Jul 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Perspective: Gig Economy

    For Prelims: Gig Economy, Different Collar Jobs, Code on Wages, 2019, Code on Social Security, 2020 For Mains: Gig Economy and issues with the...

    22 Jul 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Open Acreage Licensing Programme

    Why in News? Recently, the Government of India has launched the OALP Bid Round-VIII, offering 10 blocks for International Competitive Bidding. What...

    11 Jul 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Vanijya Bhawan and Niryat Portal

    Why in News? Prime Minister has launched Vanijya Bhawan and NIRYAT (National Import-Export Record for Yearly Analysis of Trade) Portal. What is...

    25 Jun 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Language Model for Dialogue Applications

    For Prelims: Language Model for Dialogue Applications, Chatbot and Types, Artificial Intelligence For Mains: Awareness in the fields of IT, Space,...

    15 Jun 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Shaping India's Techade

    This editorial is based on “The Design Principles We Should Employ To Shape India's Techade” which was published in Livemint on...

    08 Jun 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Perspective: Semiconductor Industry & India

    Why in News? India is aiming to become the global hub for semiconductor design, manufacturing and technology development. However, the shortage of...

    16 May 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Indian Pharma Sector

    For Prelims: Indian pharmaceutical industry, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. For Mains: India’s Pharma Sector - associated challenges and...

    11 May 2022 Industrial Policy

  • India Semiconductor Mission

    For Prelims: Semiconductors and Related Schemes For mains: Significance of semiconducting device in Indian economy, Need of promoting electronic...

    02 May 2022 Industrial Policy

  • Gig Economy

    For Prelims: Gig Economy, Different Collar Jobs, Code on Wages, 2019, Code on Social Security, 2020 For Mains: Gig Economy and issues with the...

    06 Apr 2022 Industrial Policy

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