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  • Goddess Annapurna Idol

    Why in News Recently, an ancient idol of Goddess Annapurna was brought back to India after over a century from Canada. The Idol was received by...

    08 Nov 2021 Indian Art Forms

  • Lord Nataraj

    Why in News Recently, as many as 157 artefacts and antiquities were handed over to the Prime Minister by the United States including a bronze...

    28 Sep 2021 Indian Art Forms

  • Kanjeevaram Silk Sari: Tamil Nadu

    Why in News National award winning artisan weaver, B Krishnamoorthy, has created a repository with samples of all the designs, patterns and motifs...

    29 Jul 2021 Indian Art Forms

  • Kalbeliya Dance

    Why in News Recently, due to Covid-19-Pandemic an app called chendavia is gaining popularity among the students of kalbeliya dance. Key...

    01 Jul 2021 Indian Art Forms

  • Anangpal II: Tomar Dynasty

    Why in News Recently, a seminar highlighted the legacy of the long-forgotten Tomar king - Anangpal II. Key Points About Anangpal II: Anangpal...

    19 Mar 2021 Indian Art Forms

  • Kathakali Maestro Guru Chemancheri Kunhiraman Nair

    Why in News Recently, the Kathakali actor Guru Chemancheri Kunhiraman Nair died at the age of 105 in Kozhikode, Kerala. He played a significant...

    16 Mar 2021 Indian Art Forms

  • Rock Art (Part-2)

    Rock Art (Part-I) Rock-Cut Architecture About: The rock-cut architecture is a type of Rock Art in which a structure is created by carving it...

    09 Mar 2021 Indian Art Forms

  • Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav 2021

    Why in News The third and final leg of 11th edition of the Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav 2021 took place at Murshidabad, West Bengal. Various...

    01 Mar 2021 Indian Art Forms

  • Rock Art (Part-1)

    About Rock Arts are ancient, human-made markings/paintings/sculptures made on natural stone. Rock art consists of paintings, drawings,...

    01 Mar 2021 Indian Art Forms

  • Tholpavakkoothu: Kerala

    Why in News Recently, a shadow leather puppet in Kerala’s famous temple art Tholpavakkoothu has been animated by a robot. Key...

    13 Feb 2021 Indian Art Forms

  • Yakshagana

    Why in News Recently a Yakshagana artiste died while performing on stage. Key Points Yakshagana is a traditional theatre form of...

    06 Jan 2021 Indian Art Forms

  • Indegenous Games & Khelo India

    Why in News The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has recently included Gatka, Kalaripayattu, Thang-Ta and Mallakhamba in Khelo India Youth Games...

    21 Dec 2020 Indian Art Forms

  • Warli Art

    Why in News Artists in Hyderabad are using traditional Warli art (Maharashtra) form not just to beautify Hyderabad, but also to create awareness on...

    09 Nov 2020 Indian Art Forms

  • Rogan Art: Gujarat

    Why in News The centuries old tradition of Rogan art (hand painting on cloth), is facing an unprecedented challenge due to pandemic. Key...

    09 Sep 2020 Indian Art Forms

  • Pulikkali Folk Art of Kerala

    Why in News Pulikkali will be held online in Kerala this year due to Covid-19 pandemic. Key Points Pulikkali (Puli means Leopard/Tiger and...

    27 Aug 2020 Indian Art Forms

  • Behrupiya: Folk Artiste

    Why in News The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the livelihood of several folk artistes including ‘Behrupiyas’. Key Points The word...

    24 Aug 2020 Indian Art Forms

  • Abanindranath Tagore

    Why in News The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), New Delhi has organised a virtual tour titled “The Great Maestro - Abanindranath...

    07 Aug 2020 Indian Art Forms

  • Day 15

    Art and Culture- Visual and Performing Arts Visual and Performing Arts remain a very important topic for UPSC. A lot of questions have been asked...

    03 Aug 2020 Indian Art Forms

  • Natesa: Pratihara Style of Rajasthan

    Why in News Natesa, a rare sandstone idol from the 9th century (Pratihara Style of Rajasthan) has been retrieved after 22 years by Rajasthan...

    30 Jul 2020 Indian Art Forms

  • Madhubani Paintings

    Why in News Recently, artists from Madhubani district of Bihar became famous for making masks with hand-painted Madhubani motifs. Motif is a...

    23 Jul 2020 Indian Art Forms

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