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  • Media Bias and Democracy

    This editorial is based on “‘Press must remain free if a country is to remain a democracy....” which was published in the Indian...

    25 Mar 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Exclusion of ST Women from Hindu Succession Act

    For Prelims: Scheduled Tribe, Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005, Article 14 of the Constitution, Mitakshara school of Hindu law, Inheritance...

    21 Mar 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Right against Self Incrimination and Constitutional Remedies

    For Prelims: Article 32, Article 20, Fundamental Rights. For Mains: Scope and Limitations of Right against self-incrimination, Constitutional...

    01 Mar 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Sealed Cover Jurisprudence

    Prelims: Sealed Cover Jurisprudence, Supreme Court, Indian Evidence Act of 1872, Short Selling Mains: Sealed Cover Jurisprudence, Related Issues and...

    18 Feb 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Custodial Death


    16 Feb 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Foreigners Cannot Be Legal Guardians: Delhi HC

    Why in News? The Delhi High Court has ruled that a foreigner cannot claim the right to be appointed as the legal guardian of a person with...

    16 Feb 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Custodial Death

    Prelims: Fundamental Rights, Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure Mains: Reasons for Custodial Deaths, Reforms in Policing, Technology...

    15 Feb 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Euthanasia


    31 Jan 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Special Report: Directive Principles of State Policy

    For Prelims: Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP), Fundamental Rights (FRs). For Mains: Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP),...

    25 Jan 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Disclosure of Journalistic Sources

    For Prelims: Law Commission of India, Article 19, Press Council of India (PCI) For Mains: Legal Protection for Disclosure of Journalistic Sources,...

    24 Jan 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Supreme Court on Freedom of Speech of Ministers

    For Prelims: Supreme Court, Fundamental Rights, Supreme Court on Freedom of Speech of Ministers For Mains: Important Judgements, Freedom of Speech...

    14 Jan 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Right to Strike

    Prelims: Article 19, Industrial Dispute Act, 1947, Fundamental Rights. Mains: Right to Strike. Why in News? The Kerala High Court has...

    07 Jan 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Supreme Court Expands Article 19 Ambit

    For Prelims: Article 19 ambit, Supreme Court, Fundamental Rights For Mains: Important Judgements, Fundamental Rights Why in News? Recently,...

    06 Jan 2023 Fundamental Rights

  • Uniform Civil Code: Balancing Tradition and Modernity

    This article is based on “Uniform Civil Code: Reframe the debate” which was published in Hindustan Times on 27/12/2022. It talks about...

    31 Dec 2022 Fundamental Rights

  • Section 10A of the Divorce Act, 1869

    For Prelims: Fundamental Rights, Secularism, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, For Mains: Significance of Uniform Marriage Code, Right to...

    14 Dec 2022 Fundamental Rights

  • Religious Conversion

    For Prelims: States that have passed anti conversion laws, Constitutional provisions on freedom of religion, Article 21 of the Constitution,...

    16 Nov 2022 Fundamental Rights

  • National Press Day

    Why in News? National Press Day is celebrated across India every year on 16th November to commemorate the setting up of the Press Council of...

    16 Nov 2022 Fundamental Rights

  • Ninth Schedule

    For Prelims: Reservation, Supreme Court, Constitution (First Amendment) Act, 1951. For Mains: Ninth Schedule of the Constitution. Why in...

    15 Nov 2022 Fundamental Rights

  • Gender Equity and Uniform Civil Code

    This article is based on “The Uniform Civil Code ” which was published in The Hindu on 07/11/2022. It talks about the constitutionality...

    07 Nov 2022 Fundamental Rights

  • Uniform Civil Code

    For Prelims: Uniform Civil Code, Article 44, Article 25, Article 14 For Mains: Implications of Uniform Civil Code on Personal Laws Why in...

    20 Oct 2022 Fundamental Rights

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