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  • Increased Fiscal Deficit

    Why in News The government’s fiscal deficit has increased to Rs. 11.58 lakh crore or 145.5% of the Budget Estimate (BE) at the end of December...

    01 Feb 2021 Fiscal Policy

  • Highlights of Economic Survey 2021

    Why in News Recently, the Union Minister of Finance presented the Economic Survey that details the state of the economy ahead of the government's...

    01 Feb 2021 Fiscal Policy

  • Indian Digital Tax Discriminatory: USTR

    Why in News Recently, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has said that the Digital services taxes adopted by India, Italy...

    08 Jan 2021 Fiscal Policy

  • GST Revenue Gap: NIPFP

    Why in News According to the National Institute for Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), the revenue shortfall for the Goods and Services Tax (GST)...

    24 Dec 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Rising GST Revenues

    Why in News According to the recent data released by the Finance Ministry, the gross Goods and Services Tax (GST) revenue collected in October 2020...

    02 Nov 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • GST Compensation: Centre to Borrow on Behalf of States

    Why in News Recently, the Centre has decided to borrow an estimated revenue shortfall of Rs. 1.1 lakh crore as loans to States to meet the Goods and...

    16 Oct 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • System of Cess In India

    The given article is based upon ‘Cessed Out’ was published in ‘The Hindu Business Line’ on 30/09/2020. It talks about the...

    07 Oct 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Supplementary Demands for Grants

    Why in News The Centre has sought Parliament approval for a gross additional expenditure of ₹2.35 lakh crore for 2020-21. The Minister of...

    15 Sep 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Financing the Fiscal Deficit

    Why in News India, being one the hardest hit major economy due to Covid-19, faces the challenge of managing its fiscal deficit. Borrowing more...

    12 Sep 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Need For A Fiscal Council

    This editorial analysis is based on the article India does need a Fiscal Council which was published in The Hindu on 25th of August 2020. It...

    31 Aug 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Strong Balance of Payments

    Why in News According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India’s Balance of Payments (BoP) in 2020-21 is going to be very strong. Key...

    11 Aug 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Stimulating the Economy Post-Covid Era

    This article is based on How to pay for the stimulus which was published in The Hindu on 06/08/2020. It discusses the options for stimulating the...

    06 Aug 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Increased Fiscal Deficit

    Why in News As per the official data, the Centre’s fiscal deficit for the first three months of fiscal 2020-21 (April-June) was Rs. 6.62 lakh...

    01 Aug 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Centre’s Inability to Pay GST Dues

    Why in News In a recent meeting, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance has been informed that the government is not in a position to pay...

    29 Jul 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Fall in Money Remitted Abroad

    Why in News According to data released by the Reserve Bank of India, the amount of money Indians send abroad has witnessed a 61% decline under the...

    08 Jun 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Plan for Calamity Cess on GST

    Why in News The Central Government is considering imposing a calamity cess on Goods and Services Tax (GST), similar to the one introduced by Kerala...

    23 May 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Revenue Loss to States

    Why in News According to estimates from the India Ratings and Research (a credit rating agency), the Covid-19 lockdown has caused 21 major States to...

    14 May 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Liquor Revenue for States

    Why in News Recently, the central government eased restrictions in the third phase of the nationwide lockdown and allowed the sale of liquor. The...

    05 May 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • WMA Borrowings of States

    Why in News Recently, states like Kerala, Punjab and Bihar have said that the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) decision to allow 60% higher...

    18 Apr 2020 Fiscal Policy

  • Rupee Slips Due to Covid-19

    Why in News The rupee slipped 17 paise against the dollar on 15th April, 2020, amid heightened uncertainty over the economy as the Covid-19 pandemic...

    16 Apr 2020 Fiscal Policy

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