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  • Criminalisation of Politics

    For Prelims: Criminalisation of Politics, Internal democratic structures,, Corruption, RP Act 1951, National Women's Commission, National Human...

    15 May 2024 Executive

  • Empower Election Commission: To Defend Institutional Credibility

    This editorial is based on “ Selection and election: On the appointment of Election Commissioners ” which was published in The Hindu on...

    23 Mar 2024 Executive

  • Functioning of 17th Lok Sabha: A Detailed Analysis

    This editorial is based on “Parliamentary affairs: On the last session of the 17th Lok Sabha” which was published in The Hindu on...

    16 Feb 2024 Executive

  • Legal Triumphs and Challenges in Remission

    This editorial is based on “Justice for Bilkis Bano, questions on remission” which was published in The Hindu on 10/01/2024. It...

    10 Jan 2024 Executive

  • Bilkis Bano Case and Remission

    For Prelims: Bilkis Bano Case and Remission, Grant of Remission, 2002 Riots, Supreme Court, Central Bureau of Investigation, Article 72. For...

    10 Jan 2024 Executive

  • A Blueprint for a More Agile Indian State

    This editorial is based on “Improving the capability of the Indian state” which was published in The Hindu on 02/12/2023. This article...

    04 Dec 2023 Executive

  • Disclosure of Political Funding

    For Prelims: Representation of the People Act 1951, Supreme Court, Electoral Bonds, Publicity Act of USA, European Union, Regulation of the...

    01 Dec 2023 Executive

  • Tightening Regulations for Appointing State DGPs

    For Prelims: Union Public Service Commission, Committee to Appoint the State DGP, Prakash Singh Case 2006, Police Establishment Board For Mains:...

    03 Nov 2023 Executive

  • Women Reservation Act, 2023


    25 Oct 2023 Executive

  • The Need for a Reliable Code of Police Investigation in India

    For Prelims: Supreme Court of India, Malimath Committee, Police Reforms For Mains: Challenges Related to Policing in India, Committees/Commissions...

    13 Oct 2023 Executive

  • Women’s Reservation Bill for Gender Equality

    This editorial is based on the article Lok Sabha passes historic women’s reservation Bill which was published in The Hindu on 21/09/2023. It...

    23 Sep 2023 Executive

  • Appointment of Vice-Chancellors of State Universities

    For Prelims: Governors, vice-chancellors, President, University Grants Commission, Central Universities For Mains: Issues over appointment of the...

    03 Jun 2023 Executive

  • Alderman

    For Prelims: Alderman, Lieutenant-Governor, MCD, Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957, Article 239AA of the Constitution, Transaction of Business...

    23 May 2023 Executive

  • Mercy Petition

    For Prelims: Mercy Petition, Supreme Court, Article 21, Article 72, Article 161, Pardoning Powers. For Mains: Mercy Petition. Why in News? In...

    05 May 2023 Executive

  • Civil Union and Marriage

    For Prelims: Right to privacy, right to marriage, Sec 377 IPC, Special Marriage Act. For Mains: Legalization of same sex marriages in India and...

    20 Apr 2023 Executive

  • Police Reforms in India


    25 Mar 2023 Executive

  • Article 142

    Prelims: Article 142, Supreme Court, Consumer Protection Rules, 2020, Consumer Protection Act 2019, Doctrine of ‘separation of...

    06 Mar 2023 Executive

  • Delegated Legislation

    For Prelims: SC Judgement of Demonetisation, RBI Act 1934, Ordinances, Doctrine of Separation of Power For Mains: Delegated Legislation -...

    12 Jan 2023 Executive

  • Need of Police Reforms

    This article is based on the “Need urgent police reforms” which was published in Financial Express on 22/12/2022. It talks about the...

    23 Dec 2022 Executive

  • Vice President of India


    08 Dec 2022 Executive

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