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  • Internal Democracy in Political Parties

    For Prelims: Election Commission, local body, Representation of the Peoples’ Act, 1951 For Mains: Internal Democracy of Political Parties...

    29 Sep 2022 Executive

  • Aadhaar-Voter ID Linkage

    For Prelims: Election Commission (EC), Aadhaar, Voter ID, Right to Privacy, Personal Data Protection (PDP) law. For Mains: Impacts of Linking...

    29 Aug 2022 Executive

  • Inner – Party Democracy

    For Prelims: Indian Constitution, British Constitution, Indian Parliament, British Parliament For Mains: Comparison of Indian Constitution with...

    06 Aug 2022 Executive

  • Election to the Office of the Vice-President of India

    For Prelims: Vice-President of India, Related Constitutional Provisions For Mains: Election Procedure of Vice-President of India Why in...

    04 Jul 2022 Executive

  • New Norms for Sentence Remission

    For Prelims: Pardoning Power of the President, Article 72, President, Supreme Court, Article 161, Governor For Mains: Remission and Related...

    15 Jun 2022 Executive

  • Article 142

    For Prelims: Pardoning Power of the President, Article 72, President, Governor For Mains: Challenges in adoption of Complete justice by Supreme...

    20 May 2022 Executive

  • Pardoning Power of the President

    For Prelims: Pardoning Power of the President, Article 72, President, Supreme Court, Article 161, Governor. For Mains: Pardoning Power of the...

    12 May 2022 Executive

  • Indian Presidential Election

    For Prelims: Constitutional Provisions related to the election of President, Election commission of India. For Mains: Election of President and...

    14 Apr 2022 Executive

  • Formulation of the Budget

    For Prelims: Budget and related constitutional provisions. For Mains: Components of the Budget, objectives of budget and its impact on economy,...

    31 Jan 2022 Executive

  • Ensuring Transparency in Election Commission of India

    This editorial is based on “Act Now, Recast The Selection Process Of The ECs” which was published in The Hindu on 13/01/2022. It talks...

    14 Jan 2022 Executive

  • Public Accounts Committee (PAC)

    Why in News Recently, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has completed 100 years. PAC is one of the three Financial Parliamentary...

    04 Dec 2021 Executive

  • Public Safety Act: J&K

    Why in News Ahead of the Home Minister’s visit, around 700 people have been detained in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) and...

    23 Oct 2021 Executive

  • Governor’s Power to Pardon Overrides Section 433A: SC

    Why in News Recently, the Supreme Court (SC) held that the Governor’s power to pardon overrides Section 433A of Code of Criminal Procedure...

    04 Aug 2021 Executive

  • Adjournment Motion

    Why in News Recently, the Shiromani Akali Dal (Political Party) has decided to move an Adjournment Motion in the Lok Sabha against the government on...

    16 Jul 2021 Executive

  • Cabinet Committees

    Why in News After a large-scale rejig at the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister effected some changes in Cabinet committees. Key...

    14 Jul 2021 Executive

  • New Pension Rules for Civil Servants

    Why in News Recently, the Central Government has amended its pension rules putting new restrictions on officials of intelligence and security...

    03 Jun 2021 Executive

  • Chief Secretary Transfer Issue

    Why in News The Central Government may initiate disciplinary action against the West Bengal Chief Secretary after he failed to report to the...

    31 May 2021 Executive

  • Independent Collegium for Election Commission

    Why in News Recently, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court (SC) seeking the constitution of an independent collegium to appoint members of the...

    18 May 2021 Executive

  • State Election Commission Appointment Issue

    Why in News The Supreme Court ruled that serving bureaucrats must not be appointed as election commissioners to ensure that the independence of the...

    15 Mar 2021 Executive

  • Wrongful Prosecution in India

    Why in News A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court highlighting the need for the government to frame guidelines for compensating victims of...

    13 Mar 2021 Executive

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