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  • Distress Alert Transmitter For Fishermen

    For Prelims: Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCCs), Indian Coast Guard (ICG), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Potential Fishing...

    23 Jan 2024 Earthquakes

  • Thousands of Earthquakes Rock Iceland

    For Prelims: Volcanoes, Earthquake, Iceland, Reykjavík, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Atlantic Ocean, Eurasian And North American Tectonic...

    17 Nov 2023 Earthquakes

  • Emergency Alert System

    For Prelims: Emergency Alert Systems in India, Cyclones, Floods, Landslides, Earthquakes For Mains: Challenges faced by India's emergency alert...

    15 Nov 2023 Earthquakes

  • Strongest Earthquakes in History

    Source: TH Why in News? Recently, a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco killing over 2,900 people. According to the Significant...

    15 Sep 2023 Earthquakes

  • Earthquake in Morocco

    Source: IE Why in News? The most powerful earthquake in Morocco's history struck late on the 8th of September 2023. The earthquake had a magnitude...

    13 Sep 2023 Earthquakes

  • Interior of the Earth


    14 Apr 2023 Earthquakes

  • Africa's Rift Valley and the Creation of a New Ocean Basin

    For Prelims: Red Sea, Rift Valley, Nubian African Plate, Arabian Plate, Gulf of Aden. For Mains: Tectonic Plates, Factors Responsible for...

    17 Mar 2023 Earthquakes

  • India’s Earthquake Preparedness

    For Prelims: Turkey Syria Earthquake, Richter Scale, Himalayan Plate, Tectonic Plates. For Mains: Causes of Earthquake, Earthquakes In/Around...

    13 Feb 2023 Earthquakes

  • Earthquakes in Turkey and Causes

    Prelims: Tectonic Plates, Types of Earthquakes, Earthquake, its Distribution and Types, Strike-Slip Earthquake. Mains: Earthquake, its types and...

    07 Feb 2023 Earthquakes

  • Earthquake


    27 Jan 2023 Earthquakes

  • Tectonic Plates


    10 Dec 2022 Earthquakes

  • Ring of Fire


    06 Dec 2022 Earthquakes

  • Earthquake

    For Prelims: India and Eurasia Plates, Types of Earthquakes. For Mains: Earthquake, its Distribution and Types. Why in News? Recently,...

    10 Nov 2022 Earthquakes

  • Seafloor Spreading

    For Prelims: Seafloor Spreading, tectonic plates, Ring of Fire, Pangea For Mains: Seafloor Spreading concept and associated geographic...

    25 Apr 2022 Earthquakes

  • Tectonic Evolution of Greater Maldive Ridge

    For Prelims: Greater Maldive Ridge, Tectonic Plate, Moho Discontinuity, Isostasy, Transform Fault, seismic waves. For Mains: Important Geophysical...

    18 Feb 2022 Earthquakes

  • Pacific Ring of Fire

    For Prelims: Pacific Ring of Fire, Volcano, Earthquakes, Tectonic Plates, Subduction. For Mains: Features and Causes of Frequent Earthquakes in...

    20 Jan 2022 Earthquakes

  • Earthquake

    Why in News Recently, a shallow and strong earthquake of magnitude 6.1 struck the Myanmar-India border region early. Key...

    26 Nov 2021 Earthquakes

  • Earthquake Observatories

    Why in News Recently, the government has announced that India is going to have 35 more earthquake observatories by the end of the 2021 and aims to...

    24 Aug 2021 Earthquakes

  • Assam Earthquake

    Why in News Recently, a powerful earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter Scale jolted Assam and other parts of Northeast. According to the...

    29 Apr 2021 Earthquakes

  • Mapping Seismic Hazard of Eastern Himalaya

    Why in News Recently, scientists have found the first geological evidence of an earthquake on the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, documented...

    09 Feb 2021 Earthquakes

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