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  • Demand of Meities for ST Status

    For Prelims: Meitei Community, Scheduled Tribe, National Commission for Scheduled Tribes, SC, OBC, Any Kuki and Naga Tribes. For Mains: Demand of...

    06 May 2023 Diversity of India

  • Kurmis’ Push for ST Status

    Why in News? Recently, the Kurmi Community has called off the agitation in Bengal, asking for the inclusion in the ST (Scheduled Tribe) Status from...

    14 Apr 2023 Diversity of India

  • Caste Based Discrimination

    Prelims: Caste System, Important articles of the Constitution, Related government schemes Mains: Role of caste in society and economy, Status of...

    27 Feb 2023 Diversity of India

  • Acculturation

    For Prelims: Meaning of Acculturation For Mains: Acculturation and its outcomes, Significance of Acculturation, India and Acculturation Why in...

    24 Aug 2022 Diversity of India

  • Caste - A Barrier to Economic Transformation

    This editorial is based on “The role of caste in economic transformation” which was published in The Hindu on 23/06/2022. It talks...

    23 Jun 2022 Diversity of India

  • Statehood Demand by Puducherry

    For Prelims: States Reorganisation Act, Union Territory, Article-3. For Mains: Constitutional Provisions related to the creation of new states and...

    01 Jan 2022 Diversity of India

  • Bhaskarabda: A Luni-Solar Calendar

    Why in News Recently, the Assam Government has announced that Bhaskarabda, a Luni-Solar Calendar will be used as an official calendar. Presently,...

    20 Oct 2021 Diversity of India

  • Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution

    Why in News Recently, the Union Minister of Education has informed in the Lok Sabha about the various steps taken by the government to promote the...

    04 Aug 2021 Diversity of India

  • Punjab Suba Movement

    Why in News Recently, the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) commemorated the first entry of a police force inside the Golden Temple on...

    05 Jul 2021 Diversity of India

  • Tulu Language

    Why in News The Tulu speakers, mainly in Karnataka and Kerala, have been requesting the governments to give it official language status and include...

    15 Jun 2021 Diversity of India

  • Malerkotla: The 23rd District of Punjab

    Why in News Recently, the Punjab government has announced the formation of Malerkotla as the 23rd district of the state. Section 5 of the Punjab...

    20 May 2021 Diversity of India

  • Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav 2021

    Why in News The third and final leg of 11th edition of the Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav 2021 took place at Murshidabad, West Bengal. Various...

    01 Mar 2021 Diversity of India

  • French Secularism

    This article is based on “French classroom lessons” which was published in The Indian Express on 07/11/2020. It talks about the issues...

    07 Nov 2020 Diversity of India

  • Namath Basai: Kerala

    The Kerala State government is carrying out a unique programme called “Namath Basai” of teaching tribal children in their mother...

    22 Aug 2020 Diversity of India

  • Tulu Language

    Why in News There has been growing demand to include Tulu in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution. At present, Tulu is not an official language...

    07 Jan 2020 Diversity of India

  • Indian Model of Nationalism

    This article is based on “Un-civic Nationalism” that was published in The Indian Express on 12/10/2019. It distinguishes between the...

    12 Oct 2019 Diversity of India

  • Protection and Preservation of Endangered Language

    The Government of India is running a scheme known as “Protection and Preservation of Endangered Languages” for conservation of threatened...

    27 Jul 2019 Diversity of India

  • Kheer Bhawani Mela

    Jammu and Kashmir’s two separated communities, Muslims and Pandits, witnessed a rare union on the annual festival of Zyeshth Ashtami at the...

    12 Jun 2019 Diversity of India

  • Statehood Demand

    Introduction Modern states are large and complex with several cultural and economic problems and historical experiences add complexity to their...

    31 May 2019 Diversity of India

  • Secularism


    15 May 2019 Diversity of India

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