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  • Cyclone Nivar

    Why in News Recently, the tropical cyclone Nivar has made landfall along the Tamil Nadu-Puducherry coast. Landfall refers to the phenomenon of a...

    26 Nov 2020 Disaster Management

  • Evaluation of National Monsoon Mission

    Why in News Recently, the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) has evaluated the economic benefits of the National Monsoon Mission...

    04 Nov 2020 Disaster Management

  • Mission Sagar - II

    Why in news As part of ‘Mission Sagar-II’, the Government of India is providing assistance to Friendly Foreign Countries to overcome...

    03 Nov 2020 Disaster Management

  • Typhoon Goni

    Why in News Recently, Typhoon Goni has made landfall in the eastern Philippines. The Philippines is used to powerful storms - it is hit by an...

    02 Nov 2020 Disaster Management

  • Urban Flooding

    This article is based on “Time for a ‘sponge cities’ mission in India” which was published in The Hindu on 31/10/2020. It...

    31 Oct 2020 Disaster Management

  • Typhoon Molave: Vietnam

    Why in News Recently, Vietnam has been hit by one of its biggest storms in two decades - Typhoon Molave. Vietnam is prone to natural disasters in...

    30 Oct 2020 Disaster Management

  • Tsunami Early Warning System in India

    Why in News According to experts from the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information System (INCOIS), India is much safer against tsunami threats...

    27 Oct 2020 Disaster Management

  • South Asian Flash Flood Guidance System

    Why in News Recently, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has launched the South Asian Flash Flood Guidance System (FFGS), which is aimed at...

    24 Oct 2020 Disaster Management

  • Bioremediation Mechanism for Oil Spills

    Why in News The National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), Chnnai has developed an eco-friendly crude oil bioremediation mechanism technology...

    17 Oct 2020 Disaster Management

  • Human Cost of Disasters 2000-2019: UNDRR

    Why in News In a new report “The Human Cost of Disasters 2000-2019”, the United Nations pointed out that climate change is largely to...

    13 Oct 2020 Disaster Management

  • Hurricane Delta

    Why in News Recently, Hurricane Delta made landfall in the USA state of Louisiana, which is still recovering from the damage caused by a previous...

    12 Oct 2020 Disaster Management

  • Climate Change and Forest Fire Link

    Why in News Scientists note that human-induced climate change promotes the conditions on which wildfires depend. Key Points Wildfire: Also...

    28 Sep 2020 Disaster Management

  • Increase in Frequency of Medicanes

    Why in News Scientists have warned that extra-tropical storms in the Mediterranean Sea, known as ‘Medicanes’ or ‘Mediterranean...

    22 Sep 2020 Disaster Management

  • Regional Disaster Relief Mechanism

    This editorial analysis is based on the article “India needs to invest in regional disaster relief mechanisms” which was published in...

    14 Sep 2020 Disaster Management

  • Hurricane Laura

    Why in News Hurricane Laura, has made landfall in southwestern Louisiana (South Central United States) with wind speeds reaching up to 250 km (about...

    28 Aug 2020 Disaster Management

  • Landslide near Eravikulam National Park

    Why in News Recently, landslides have been reported at the Nayamakkad tea estate at Pettimudy which is located about 30 km from Munnar, adjacent to...

    08 Aug 2020 Disaster Management

  • Tsunami Ready Programme: UNESCO-IOC

    Why in News Recently, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO (also known as UNESCO-IOC) has approved the recognition of two...

    07 Aug 2020 Disaster Management

  • National Disaster Response Fund

    Why in News The Central Government has allowed contributions from any person or institution in the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) as per...

    20 Jul 2020 Disaster Management

  • Flood Management In India

    This article is based on “Evolve an integrated response to floods” which was published in The Hindustan Times on 06/07/2020. It talks...

    09 Jul 2020 Disaster Management

  • Earthquakes and Delhi-NCR

    Why in News Recently, the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG) has observed that the recent series of tremors in the National Capital...

    20 Jun 2020 Disaster Management

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