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  • Global Report on Internal Displacement 2023

    For Prelims: Global Report on Internal Displacement 2023, Internal Displacement, Conflict and Violence, Russia-Ukraine, Disaster, Flood,...

    18 May 2023 Disaster Management

  • Default Bail

    For Prelims: Default Bail, Supreme Court, Section 167(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), Article 21, Article 22, Fundamental Rights. For...

    15 May 2023 Disaster Management

  • Forest Fires in Goa

    For Prelims: Forest Fires: Types, Causes, advantages and disadvantages, National Action Plan for Forest Fires (NAPFF), National Afforestation...

    10 May 2023 Disaster Management

  • Extreme Heat Waves and Mitigation

    This editorial is based on “Dealing with extreme heat” which was published in The Hindu on 18/04/2023. It talks about a comprehensive...

    18 Apr 2023 Disaster Management

  • 5th International Conference on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure

    For Prelims: ICDRI, CDRI. For Mains: Disaster Management. Why in News? Recently, the Prime Minister of India, addressed the 5th International...

    08 Apr 2023 Disaster Management

  • Avalanche

    Why in News? Recently, a massive Avalanche hit Sikkim's Nathu La. What is Avalanche? About: An avalanche is a sudden, rapid flow of snow,...

    06 Apr 2023 Disaster Management

  • Impacts of Hydropower Projects in the Himalayan Region

    For Prelims: Central Electricity Authority, Landslides, Earthquake, National Mission on Sustaining Himalayan Ecosystem, National Action Plan on...

    05 Apr 2023 Disaster Management

  • Active Volcanoes on Venus

    Why in News? Recently, NASA Magellan spacecraft captured images of Venus’ surface from different orbits. A few locations, including those...

    18 Mar 2023 Disaster Management

  • States Demand to Declare Lightning as a Natural Disaster

    For Prelims: Natural Disasters, Lightning. For Mains: Effects of lightning and lightning as a natural disaster and Natural Disaster Why in the...

    13 Mar 2023 Disaster Management

  • Landslide Atlas of India

    Prelims: Landslide, Kedarnath disaster in 2013, Land Subsidence and Joshi math Case, Rainfall variability, Western Ghats, Himalayas. Mains: Key...

    11 Mar 2023 Disaster Management

  • Draft Policy for Displaced Communities from Coastal Erosion

    Prelims: NDMA, NDRF, Coastal Erosion, 15th Finance Commission’s Report. Mains: Draft Policy for Displaced Communities from Coastal...

    25 Feb 2023 Disaster Management

  • Gross Domestic Climate Risk Ranking

    Prelims: Gross domestic climate risk ranking, RCP8.5, Mains: Climate risks, Adaptation and Mitigation Why in News? According to Gross Domestic...

    22 Feb 2023 Disaster Management

  • India’s Earthquake Preparedness

    For Prelims: Turkey Syria Earthquake, Richter Scale, Himalayan Plate, Tectonic Plates. For Mains: Causes of Earthquake, Earthquakes In/Around...

    13 Feb 2023 Disaster Management

  • Glacial Lake Outburst Flood

    Prelims: Flood, Himalayas, NDMA, Early Warning System. Mains: Glacial Lake Outburst Flood. Why in News? Recently, a new study has been...

    11 Feb 2023 Disaster Management

  • Earthquakes in Turkey and Causes

    Prelims: Tectonic Plates, Types of Earthquakes, Earthquake, its Distribution and Types, Strike-Slip Earthquake. Mains: Earthquake, its types and...

    07 Feb 2023 Disaster Management

  • Joshimath Land Subsidence


    21 Jan 2023 Disaster Management

  • Water Crisis Due to Dam Sedimentation

    For Prelims: Sedimentation, Dredging, Climate Change, Central Water Commission, Environmental Impact Assessment. For Mains: Water Crisis, Dam...

    16 Jan 2023 Disaster Management

  • State of Indian Dams

    For Prelims: UNU-INWEH, Dams,Climate change For Mains: Issue of Dam Safety and related steps that can can be taken Why in News? According to a...

    10 Jan 2023 Disaster Management

  • Joshimath Land Subsidence

    Prelims: Natural Disaster, Floods, Draughts, Landslide, Joshimath. Mains: Reason for Joshimath Land Subsidence and Related Concerns. Why in...

    09 Jan 2023 Disaster Management

  • Crowd Management

    For Prelims: National Disaster Management Authority, Disaster Management Act 2005 For Mains: Causes of Crowd Disaster/Stampede Why in...

    30 Dec 2022 Disaster Management

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