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  • International Day of Forests

    For Prelims: International Day of Forests, World Water Day, United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organisation, India’s State of Forest...

    23 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Mercury Pollution

    For Prelims: Minamata Convention on Mercury, Mercury and its characteristics. For Mains: Concerns related to Mercury Pollution, Environmental...

    23 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Making Groundwater ‘Visible’

    This editorial is based on “Groundwater: A Valuable ‘invisible’ Resource” which was published in Hindustan Times on...

    22 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • BBNJ Treaty

    For Prelims: UNCLOS, BBNJ, IUCN. For Mains: BBNJ Treaty, Conservation. Why in News? Recently, the fourth meeting of the Intergovernmental...

    22 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Himalayan Griffons

    For Prelims: Himalayan Griffons, Species of Vultures For Mains: Conservation Efforts for Vultures Why in News? Recently, at least Himalayan...

    21 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • India's Arctic Policy

    For Prelims: Arctic Council, Climate Change, Arctic Region, India's Arctic Policy. For Mains: India’s Arctic Policy. Significance of Arctic...

    19 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • State of India’s Solar Capacity

    For Prelims: Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems, Rooftop Solar, Renewable energy, Decentralised Renewable Energy, International Renewable Energy...

    17 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Project Dolphin

    For Prelims: National Mission for Clean Ganga, Gangetic Dolphin, steps taken by the government to conserve dolphins. For Mains: Conservation,...

    16 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Nuclear Waste Facility at the Kudankulam

    For Prelims: Away From Reactor (AFR) facility, Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) , nuclear waste, radioactive pollution (spread of...

    11 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Amazon Rainforest Nearing Tipping Point

    For Prelims: Types of Forest Ecosystem. For Mains: Environment Pollution and Degradation, Conservation. Why in News? A study published...

    11 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Great Barrier Reef: IPCC

    For Prelims: Great Barrier Reef, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. For Mains: Significance of Coral Reefs and Initiatives to protect it,...

    07 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • State of India’s Environment Report 2022: CSE

    For Prelims: State of India’s Environment Report, Sustainable Development Goals, United Nation, Manual Scavenging, India’s National...

    05 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • World Wildlife Day

    For Prelims: World Wildlife Day, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, Sustainable Development Goals, Wildlife (Protection) Act,...

    05 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Wet Bulb Temperature

    For Prelims: Wet bulb temperature, Dry bulb temperature, Dew point temperature, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, water vapour, Rising Sea...

    03 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Fifth Session of the United Nations Environment Assembly

    For Prelims: Single Use Plastics, Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations Environment Assembly, 2015 Paris Agreement. For Mains: Single use...

    03 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • India and the Sixth Assessment Report

    This editorial is based on “The Heat Is On” which was published in Indian Express on 02/03/2022. It talks about the India-specific...

    02 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • IPCC: Part Two of Sixth Assessment Report

    For Prelims: Sixth Assessment Report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), climate change, Non-Communicable Diseases, Kyoto...

    01 Mar 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Sustainable Cities India Program

    For Prelims: Sustainable Cities India program, National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), World Economic Forum, Smart Cities Mission, Atal Mission...

    25 Feb 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Carbon Capture and Utilisation Technologies

    For Prelims: CCUS Technologies, Paris Agreement. For Mains: CCUSTechnologies, Applications, Net Zero emissions by 2050, Environment Degradation,...

    25 Feb 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Draft Policy Framework for Distributed Renewable Energy

    For Prelims: Schemes and programmes for Achieving Renewable Energy Target For Mains: India's achievements in renewable energy sector, India's...

    23 Feb 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

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