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  • Indian Environment Service (IES)

    For Prelims: TSR Subramanian in 2014, Indian Environment Service (IES). For Mains: TSR Subramanian in 2014, Indian Environment Service (IES),...

    24 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • 4th Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation

    For Prelims: Conservation Status of Tiger, Conservation Assured | Tiger Standards (CA|TS), Global Tiger Summit, Project Tiger For Mains:...

    22 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Ranking of States on Faster Green Nods

    For Prelims: Environment Protection Act, 1986, Environment Impact Assessment. For Mains: Environmental Clearances (EC) procedure and related...

    21 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • 2021 Sixth Warmest Year

    For Prelims: La Niña, wildfires, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Heatwaves, South West Monsoon For Mains: Rising...

    19 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Domestic Hazardous Waste

    For Prelims: Domestic Hazardous Waste, Solid Waste Management Rules 2016. For Mains: Domestic Hazardous Waste and its impact, Need to manage...

    18 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Solar Waste

    For Prelims: Solar Waste and its examples , Related initiatives For Mains: Management of Solar Waste in India and other parts of the World,...

    14 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • India State of Forest Report-2021

    For Prelims: India State of Forest Report-2021, Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 For Mains: India State of Forest Report-2021, Need to improve the...

    14 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Vehicular Emissions in India

    For Prelims: Vehicular Emissions and associated issues For Mains: Vehicular Emissions and its impact, Steps taken in this direction Why in...

    12 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Meeting Emission Norms: Coal-based Power Plants

    For Prelims: Sulfur Dioxide Pollution and its impact, Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). For Mains: Need to focus on mitigating the hazards...

    08 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Towards Net Zero

    This editorial is based on “The Road To Net Zero” which was published in Indian Express on 05/01/2022. It talks about India's...

    06 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Aquamation

    For Prelims: Aquamation, Nobel Peace Prize, greenhouse gases, Desmond Tutu water cremation, green cremation, flameless cremation, chemical...

    05 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Bioenergy Crops Create Cooling Effect on Cultivated Areas

    For Prelims: Bioenergy Crops, Biofuels. For Mains: Bioenergy crops and their impact on climate change. Why in News A new study has found that...

    05 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Protecting Western Ghats

    This editorial is based on “Why There Should Be No Delay In Protecting The Western Ghats” which was published in Hindustan Times on...

    04 Jan 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • India’s Achievements of Renewable Energy Target

    For Prelims: Schemes and programmes for Achieving Renewable Energy Target For Mains: India's achievements in renewable energy sector, India's...

    30 Dec 2021 Biodiversity & Environment

  • India- US: Technology-based Energy Solutions

    For Prelims: Net Zero, Climate change and Impacts, Clean Energy, United States-India Science & Technology Endowment Fund, Various partnerships...

    30 Dec 2021 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Flex Fuel Vehicles

    For Prelims: Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFV) , Flex Fuel Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicles (FFV-SHEV), BS-6 Norms, Production Linked Incentive (PLI)...

    29 Dec 2021 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Handling The Plastic Menace

    This editorial is based on “The Gaps in the Plan to Tackle Plastic Waste” which was published in The Hindu on 28/12/2021. It talks...

    28 Dec 2021 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Green Financing

    For Prelims: COP26 climate summit, net zero emissions by 2070, Global framework for Climate Financing, Kyoto Protocol, UNFCCC, Global Environment...

    28 Dec 2021 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Winter Air pollution in North India

    For Prelims: PM 2.5, CAAQMS, India Meteorological Department (IMD), Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS), System of Air Quality and...

    27 Dec 2021 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill, 2021

    For Prelims: Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill, 2021, United Nation Convention on Biological Diversity, Nagoya Protocol, For Mains: Salient...

    18 Dec 2021 Biodiversity & Environment

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