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  • Refroming Nutrient-Based Subsidy Regime

    This article is based on “Tinkering at margins” which was published in The Indian Express on 19/10/2020. It talks about the issues...

    20 Oct 2020 Agriculture

  • Fertiliser Subsidy

    Why in News The Centre is working on a plan to restrict the number of fertiliser bags that individual farmers can buy during any cropping...

    20 Oct 2020 Agriculture

  • Heeng Cultivation Project in India

    Why in News Scientists at CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (IHBT), Palampur are on a mission to grow heeng (asafoetida) in the...

    20 Oct 2020 Agriculture

  • Wheat Variety MACS 6478

    Why in News The wheat variety called MACS 6478 has doubled the crop yield for farmers in Karanjkhop, a village in Maharashtra. Key...

    16 Oct 2020 Agriculture

  • Aquaponics Facility

    Why in News A pilot ‘Aquaponics facility’ has been developed by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Mohali at Guru...

    14 Oct 2020 Agriculture

  • Need For MSP Reforms

    This article is based on “MSP in the age of surplus” which was published in Indian Express on 12/10/2020. It talks about the need for...

    12 Oct 2020 Agriculture

  • Session on Precision Agriculture

    Why in News Recently, a session on “Sensors and Sensing for Precision Agriculture” was organised by the Indian Council of Agricultural...

    07 Oct 2020 Agriculture

  • Xoo Infection: Rice

    Why in News Recently, scientists from the Centre for Plant Molecular Biology (CPMB) have uncovered the mechanism by which a bacterium called Xoo...

    05 Oct 2020 Agriculture

  • Report on 2020-21 Kharif Marketing Season: CACP

    Why in News The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) has released the latest report for the 2020-21 kharif marketing season. Key...

    23 Sep 2020 Agriculture

  • Farmer’s Protest

    This article is based on “It’s a no green signal from the farm world” which was published in The Hindu on 21/09/2020. It talks...

    21 Sep 2020 Agriculture

  • World Bamboo Day

    Why in News World Bamboo Day is celebrated every year on 18th September. Theme of 2020: Bamboo Now Key Points World Bamboo Day : It was...

    19 Sep 2020 Agriculture

  • Launch of Bamboo Clusters

    Why in News Recently, the Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare has virtually inaugurated 22 bamboo clusters in 9 states viz....

    09 Sep 2020 Agriculture

  • Agri Profits and Farmers’ Income

    Why in News A detailed analysis of 25 key field and horticultural crops done by the rating agency Crisil has indicated that per hectare...

    25 Aug 2020 Agriculture

  • Organic Farming in India

    Why in News India ranks 1st in number of organic farmers and 9th in terms of area under organic farming. Key Points Indian Scenario Regarding...

    21 Aug 2020 Agriculture

  • Revamping of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

    This article is based on “PM-Fasal Bima Yojana 2.0” which was published in The Financial Express on 13/08/2020. It talks about the...

    20 Aug 2020 Agriculture

  • Food System Vision 2050 Prize: Rockefeller Foundation

    Why in News The Rockefeller Foundation has selected Naandi Foundation (a Hyderabad based non-profit organisation), as one of the top 10...

    08 Aug 2020 Agriculture

  • Pokkali Rice: Kerala

    Why in News Farmers in West Bengal are experimenting with the pokkali variety of rice to tide over a crisis-like situation created by severe...

    06 Aug 2020 Agriculture


    This article is based on ‘‘PM-KISAN is not reaching all farmer households as intended” which was published in The Indian Express...

    03 Aug 2020 Agriculture

  • Stubble Burning and Pollution

    Why in News According to a recent study, Delhi’s meteorology and the quantity of chaff (crop residue or stubble) burnt in Punjab and Haryana...

    23 Jul 2020 Agriculture

  • MP’s Claims for Basmati GI Tag

    Why in News Recently, the All India Rice Exporters’ Association (AIREA) has appealed to the government to preserve and protect the integrity...

    18 Jul 2020 Agriculture

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