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  • 29 Mar 2023
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Rs 2000 Crore Sanctioned for 'Pipalkhunt High Level Canal' in Pratapgarh

Why in News?

On March 28, 2023, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot approved a financial proposal of Rs 2000 crore for the construction of 'Pipalkhunt High Level Canal' in Pratapgarh district. With this scheme, irrigation facility will be available in 5000-hectare area of the district.

Key points

  • Under the 'Pipalkhunt High Level Canal', irrigation facility will be provided in the Ankamand area of Pratapgarh district with surplus water of Mahi basin.
  • The villages of Pipalkhunt, Rajhadi Chowki, Tamatia, Nalchowki, Nalda, Kelamela, Bori, Mahudikheda, Morwaniya, Thechla, Sobaniya, Jethalia etc. will be benefited from this scheme in the district's Pipalkhunt tehsil.
  • With this approval of the Chief Minister, 3.72 TMC additional irrigation water will be available, the economic condition of the farmers will improve, and the development of the area will be ensured.
  • It is noteworthy that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had earlier announced the budget for the construction of Peepalkhunt High Level Canal''. This approval has been given in the implementation of the said announcement.

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Panorama will be Made of Pannadhay, Amraji Bhagat and Kesari Singh Barhath

Why in News?

On March 28, 2023, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot gave financial approval of Rs 12 crore for the construction of panorama of freedom fighter Kesari Singh Barhath, Mahabalidani Pannadhay and Lokdevta Amra Ji Bhagat in the state.

Key points

  • With the approval of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, 'Pannadhay Panorama' will be built at Pandoli, the ancestral place of Pannadhay in Chittorgarh district, at a cost of Rs 4 crore. Pannadhay's work and personality will be shown through various mediums in Panorama. Common people will get information about their sacrifice, sacrifice, courage and self-respect.
  • Panorama of Lokdevta Amra Ji Bhagat (Angarh Bavji) in village Daulatpura (Gram Panchayat Bagund) of Bhadesar Tehsil in Chittorgarh district will also be ready at a cost of Rs 4 crore. Here you will get information about the works of social concern.
  • A panorama of freedom fighter Kesari Singh Barhat will be constructed at Shahpura in Bhilwara. It will cost Rs 4 crore. With this panorama, the youth will be educated and awakened about their rights.   
  • These three panoramas will have various works like main building auditorium, hall, library, statue, umbrella, inscription, sculptures, audio-video system. Construction work will be done at all three places from the Tourism Development Fund.
  • Mahabalidani Pannadhay was born in a Gujjar family in the year 1501 AD in a village named 'Mataji ki Pandoli' near Chittor. For the protection of Maharana Sanga's son and Maharana Pratap's father Uday Singh, Pannadhay presented a unique example in the whole world by sacrificing his son Chandan. The saga of Pannadhay's self-devotion, Chandan's sacrifice and Kirat Bari's courage to save Uday Singh's life will come alive again in 'Mahabalidani Pannadhay Panorama'.
  • Freedom fighter Kesari Singh Barhath was born on November 21, 1872. He was the Jagirdar of Dev Kheda of Shahpura area. He used to hold secret consultations at his mansion to decide the strategy of the freedom movement. He also gave full support to Mahatma Gandhi in the freedom movement. Kesari Singh had blown the bugle of revolution among the people through 13 Sorthes written in Rajasthani.
  • He instilled a spirit of revolution among the youth. He put the whole family into the freedom movement. The heroic story of the great revolutionary Kesari Singh Barhat and his family in every particle of power, devotion and sacrifice echoes throughout the country.
  • Sant Shiromani Amra Bhagat's samadhi is situated at Bhadesar in Narbadiya tehsil in Badi Sadri assembly constituency of Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. When Saint Amra Bhagat was born, he did not drink his mother's milk for 9 days after his birth. After completing the ritual of sun worship, the discussion of this successful child spread in the whole area after drinking mother's milk. At that time, an epidemic named Plague and a disease named Lal Taav spread in the country, so to save them from this epidemic, they did severe penance on the Dhuni of Angarh Bavji and saved the people.

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