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State PCS

Rajasthan State PCS

  • 12 Jun 2024
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Solar Energy Hub in Rajasthan

Why in News?

Trade and industry organisations in Rajasthan have urged the government to establish the state as a hub for manufacturing solar panels.

  • Rajasthan is among the top states in India for generating solar energy.

Key Points

  • The state's electricity demand is rising by 8 to 10% annually. The government aims to have 43% of total electricity consumption come from solar energy by 2030.
    • In 2023, solar power plants with a combined capacity of 15,195.12 megawatts (Mw) were set up in the state.
  • According to the Federation of Rajasthan Trade and Industry (FORTI), considering the scope in the field of solar energy, the state government should promote solar panel manufacturing in the state.

Solar Panels

  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology converts sunlight directly into electricity through the photovoltaic effect.
    • The term "photovoltaics" is derived from the conversion of light (photons) into electricity (voltage), a phenomenon known as the photovoltaic effect.
  • PV cells are made of semiconductor materials like silicon. When sunlight strikes the cell, electrons are knocked loose from the atoms, generating electricity.
    • Grid-connected systems feed surplus electricity back into the grid.
  • In many regions, photovoltaic systems are being deployed at large scales to help power the electric grid.
  • Methods: PV systems come with small rooftop solar installations, solar pumps, off-grid lighting systems, and large utility-scale solar power plants.
  • Cost-effective: The costs of PV systems have fallen dramatically, making solar power cost-competitive.
    • With weatherproof panels and no moving parts, PV systems require minimal maintenance and have long lifespans.
  • Drawback: Solar PV generation relies on sunny weather and output varies throughout the day.

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