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State's First Self-Moot and Digital Court Made in Bhagalpur

  • 25 Jan 2023
  • 4 min read

Why In News?

On January 24, 2023, senior advocate Anil Jha said that a self-moot and digital court has been set up in Nath Nagar, Bhagalpur for the people of the state to hear the High Court and the Supreme Court. Now from here, court hearings across the country can be done digitally.

Key points

  • It is noteworthy that it has been built by senior advocate Anil Jha in Noorpur of Nath Nagar. Senior advocate Anil Jha claims that this is the first court in Bihar. So far, no advocate has made such a system. This court has been built in 10 decimals i.e., four kathas of land, in which a large hall has been built.
  • In this, an arrangement has been made for the judge to sit. A witness box has been made for the appearance of witnesses. Apart from this, a 65-inch LCD has been installed. Computers, cameras and other digital machines have been installed. Now advocates will be able to sit here and argue for any court case.
  • It is known that the first case in this moot court was fought online in a case related to cheque bounce pending in Rohini Court of Delhi. The case was filed by Bhagalpur-based complainant Prakash Sharma in Delhi's Rohini court, which was heard. Apart from this, the case of a big robbery of Two crore rupees by entering Axis Bank in Murshidabad, Bengal, is being fought on behalf of the accused, its trial is going on online through the Moot Court.
  • Advocate Anil Jha said that this digital court will be used by any advocate who fights high court and Supreme Court cases. It's a free service for them. For this, an association will be formed, in which active advocates will be added.
  • Self-moot and digital court – For the last three to four years, the hearing of high court and Supreme Court cases has started to be done digitally i.e., online. Advocates join the hearing by downloading the app in mobile or laptop sitting at home. To solve the problems faced in hearings on laptops and mobiles, lawyers build digital courts with private funds in their own or rented houses. Due to this, advocates and people associated with the case do not have to go to the High Court and the Supreme Court.
  • Law Consultant Rajesh Kumar Tiwari said that new lawyers get a good opportunity to learn in the moot court. New lawyers learn a good style of arguing, remove hesitation and make it easier to fight a case from a distant court.
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