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Madhya Pradesh

First-Ever City Museum in Bhopal

  • 21 May 2024
  • 3 min read

Why in News?

Recently, the Government has approved the establishment of the first-ever city museum in Bhopal. The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is setting up the Bhopal City Museum in the left wing of Moti Mahal.

  • Moti Mahal is an important heritage site in the city and a building of high significance.

Key Points

  • The proposed museum, with 11 galleries, will focus on the rich history of Bhopal and Madhya Pradesh, covering the historical and geographical context of Madhya Pradesh and the formation of Bhopal in particular.
  • Collection of prehistoric rock paintings, stone tools, archaeological finds, stamps, attire of kings and queens from Bhopal and surrounding areas, ancient sculptures, temple remains, and exquisite art from the Bhopal Nawab period will be showcased.
    • Modern technology will be utilised to create an engaging and informative experience for all age groups.
  • The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Government of Madhya Pradesh, is planning to establish a dedicated and comprehensive museum on the great Parmar King Raja Bhoj, his life, and works at the right wing of Moti Mahal, Bhopal.
  • Seven houses of the seven major tribes of the state, namely Gond, Bhil, Baiga, Korku, Bharia, Sahariya, and Kol, have been built in the Tribal Museum, Bhopal, to understand and see the lifestyle of the tribal community closely.
    • The vision of this initiative is to end the myths and beliefs regarding the tribal society.
  • Madhya Pradesh is planning to establish various theme-based museums at relevant heritage and cultural destinations to enhance the tourism experience.

Moti Mahal

  • Moti Mahal was built by Gond King Hriday Shah king of Garh Mandala between 1651 to 1667.
  • The palace is full of mazes, secret tunnels, and underground passages.
  • Architecture- Mughal architecture.

Raja Bhoj

  • Raja Bhoj was greatest in the Parmar dynasty (1018-1060).
  • He tried to regenerate Hindu society. He also fought against muslims.
  • Apart from a great warrior, he was an accomplished scholar.
  • He constructed a Sanskrit college called Bhojshala at his capital.
  • His famous books were:
    • Ayurveda Sangraha
    • Yukti Kalpataru
    • Samranga Suthradhara (deals with architecture).
  • He was also a great builder and is believed to have built 104 temples and also a beautiful lake known as Bhojpur lake.
  • The power of the Paramara dynasty came to an end with the death of Raja Bhoja.
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