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Country's First Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center in BHU

  • 16 Jan 2023
  • 4 min read

Why In News?

  • On January 15, 2023, Prof. Saurabh Singh said that the Union Health Ministry has given in-principle consent to open the country's first spinal injury rehabilitation center at BHU Trauma Center.

Key points

  • Prof. Saurabh Singh said that with the opening of the country's first Advanced Care and Rehabilitation Center in BHU Trauma Center, patients suffering from serious diseases of brain, spine and neuro will now get world-class treatment facility in Kashi itself.
  • He said that the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center will provide facilities for artificial intelligence of brain, spinal, neuro-ophthalmic injury as well as treatment with traditional medicine. Such a treatment facility is currently in Australia.
  • It is known that serious people injured in road accidents come to BHU Trauma Center from Varanasi and surrounding districts as well as Bihar, Jharkhand etc. There are many people who have serious injuries in the spinal and brain. Even after treatment, the person is not able to return to normal life.
  • According to doctors, such patients are being successfully treated through the Advanced Care Rehabilitation Center in Australia. Now, like Australia, BHU will have the first such centre in the country, where such facilities will be provided.
  • The center to be built in the Trauma Center is preparing to give a new life to the patients through robotic surgery, speech therapy and surgery. Modern technology machines will be ordered here. With the help of robotic surgery, at the time of road accidents, the legs and parts of the body where the nerves stop working. It will be corrected with the help of robotic technology.
  • Patients with head injuries have problems with not being able to walk and speak properly even after surgery. In the new center, arrangements are being made for occupational therapy, speech therapy for such patients. This makes the treatment of patients easier.
  • A total of Rs 200 crore has been prepared for the rehabilitation center. It will also have a 200-bed super-specialty building. The special thing is that there will be facilities for reading, research and evaluation along with treatment. Doctors and paramedical staff will also be given training in the treatment of neuro, spinal injury.
  • The center will get these facilities :
    • Paid Unit: People will be able to take advantage of medical facilities from the commercial level. Private hospitals will cost less.
    • Subsidized Unit: Medical facilities will be provided to eligible people at a lower price.
    • Strategic Pharmacy Unit: The pharmacy unit will operate under public private partnership.
    • Strategic Education and Research Unit: Patients suffering from serious diseases of brain, spine and neuro will now get world-class treatment facility in Kashi itself.
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