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World Map : April (I) 2023

Identify Places On Map
  • Locate the headquarters of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

    Brussels (Belgium) NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is a political and military alliance consisting of 31 member countries. It was formed in 1949 to promote mutual defence and collective security among its members. It is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

  • Identify the disputed islands between China and Japan located in East China Sea. The two countries also recently set up military hotlines to manage maritime and air incidents over the disputed islands.

    Senkaku Islands In April 2023, China and Japan set up military hotlines (a direct phone line set up for a specific purpose) to manage maritime, air incidents over disputed islands (Senkaku Island). The Senkaku Island dispute concerns a territorial dispute over a group of uninhabited islands known as: Senkaku Islands in Japan, Diaoyu Islands in China, and Tiaoyutai Islands in Taiwan. Both Japan and China claim ownership of these islands.

  • Identify the two middle-east countries that were recently involved in a heated conflict.

    Israel and Syria Recently, Israel fired retaliatory rockets after three rockets had been launched towards Israel from Syria. The situation in Israel and its neighboring countries has been tense for several months now, with an ultra-nationalist government coming to power in Israel, raising concerns among its neighbors. Israel fears that arch-rival Iran is using the long-running war in Syria to station its fighters and weapons close to Israel's borders. Israel has been conducting strikes in Syria in recent weeks, targeting both Iranian-linked figures and infrastructure, including the airports of Damascus and Aleppo.

  • With which Southeast Asian nation does India conduct exercise MAITREE which also has an Act West Policy in coherence with India’s Act East Policy.

    Thailand Thailand and India have a longstanding diplomatic relationship that dates back to 1947. India’s ‘Look East’ policy (since 1993) and Thailand’s ‘Look West’ policy (since 1996) which has now metamorphosed into India’s ‘Act East’ and Thailand’s ‘Act West” are strongly contributing to consolidating bilateral relations including economic & commercial linkages. In the ASEAN region, Thailand ranks as India’s 5th largest trading partner after Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Bilateral exercises between the two include - Exercise MAITREE (Army), Exercise SIAM BHARAT (Air Force) and India-Thailand Coordinated Patrol (Navy).

  • Identify the African country to which India’s recently launched its evacuation operation Kaveri.

    Sudan India started ‘Operation Kaveri’ to evacuate its nationals owing to the Current Crisis in Sudan. Around 3,000 Indians are stuck in various parts of Sudan, including capital Khartoum and in distant provinces like Darfur. The operation involves the deployment of Indian Navy's INS Sumedha, a stealth offshore patrol vessel, and two Indian Air Force C-130J special operations aircraft on standby in Jeddah.

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