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Spot Robot

  • 02 Sep 2020
  • 2 min read

Why in News

Recently, researchers from Boston Dynamics, of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT - USA) have developed a robot, called ‘Spot’.

  • They have planned to use it for patients with Covid-19 symptoms.

Key Points

  • Features:
    • The robot is controlled by a handheld device.
    • It can walk on four legs, similarly to a dog, climbs stairs and can traverse rough terrain with ease and small enough to be used indoors.
    • It can measure skin temperature, breathing rate, pulse rate, and blood oxygen saturation in healthy patients, from 2 metres away.
      • It has four cameras — one infrared, three monochrome.
  • Working:
    • Body Temperature: The infrared camera measures skin temperature on the face.
      • An algorithm then correlates the facial skin temperature with core body temperature.
    • Breathing Rate: When a patient wearing a mask breathes, their breath changes the temperature of the mask.
      • The infrared camera measures this temperature change, enabling researchers to calculate the breathing rate.
    • Pulse Rate & Oxygen Level: When haemoglobin binds to oxygen and flows through blood vessels, it results in slight changes in colour.
      • These changes are measured with the help of the three monochrome cameras, which filter lights of three different wavelengths.
      • Using these measurements, the algorithm calculates pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation.
  • Benefit:
    • The robot can be deployed in areas where suspected cases of Covid-19 assemble. Healthcare workers can avoid exposing themselves to risk, by manoeuvring the robot to wherever patients are sitting.
    • The robot can also carry a tablet that allows doctors to ask patients about their symptoms without being in the same room.

Source: IE

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