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  • Perspective: Emerging and Critical Technologies for India

    For Prelims: Quantum Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Semiconductors, Clean Energy, Green Hydrogen, Bioeconomy, Anusandhan National...

    22 Feb 2024 Robotics

  • Perspective - AI: The Road Ahead

    For Prelims: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bletchley Declaration, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) techniques, Cybersecurity,...

    01 Feb 2024 Robotics

  • Ethical Use of Generative AI in Healthcare

    For Prelims: Ethical Use of Generative AI in Healthcare, World Health Organization (WHO), Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), Large...

    29 Jan 2024 Robotics

  • Demand for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

    For Prelims: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Autonomous Driving For Mains: Landscape of Self-Driving Cars in India, Automation of Transport...

    27 Jan 2024 Robotics

  • EU's Landmark AI Legislation

    For Prelims: European Union, Artificial intelligence, Facial recognition technology, Generative AI, General Data Protection Regulation, Global...

    11 Dec 2023 Robotics

  • AI and World Without Work

    For Prelims: Artificial Intelligence, John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx, Applications of AI. For Mains: Arguments in Favour and Against of AI...

    18 Nov 2023 Robotics

  • Rise of Autonomous Weapons: Challenges and Opportunities

    This editorial is based on “India, ‘killer robots’ and the China challenge” which was published in The Indian Express on...

    17 Nov 2023 Robotics

  • Artificial Intelligence Safety Summit 2023

    For Prelims: Artificial Intelligence, Frontier AI, Ethical AI, Bletchley Park, Bletchley Park Declaration For Mains: Science and Technology-...

    08 Nov 2023 Robotics

  • Internal Structure of Mars

    Source: TH Why in News? According to a pair of recent studies published in Nature, Mars’s liquid iron core is likely to be surrounded by a...

    30 Oct 2023 Robotics

  • SIM Cards

    For Prelims: SIM Cards, Smartphones, Climate Change, Antimicrobial Resistance, International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), Global System for...

    25 Oct 2023 Robotics

  • Test on Crew Escape System

    For Prelims: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Crew Escape System, Human Space Flight Mission, Flight Test Vehicle Abort Mission-1...

    24 Oct 2023 Robotics

  • Large Language Models

    For Prelims: ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Models (LLMs), Principal Scientific Advisor, Deep Tech, Department for Promotion of...

    24 Oct 2023 Robotics

  • Emergence of Multimodal AIs

    For Prelims: Emergence of Multimodal AIs, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Human-like Cognition, OpenAIs ChatGPT, Google's Gemini model. For Mains:...

    12 Oct 2023 Robotics

  • Fostering Ethical AI

    For Prelims: Fostering Ethical AI, Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), AI facial recognition, Generative AI.  For...

    21 Sep 2023 Robotics

  • Exploring the Ethical Implications of AI

    This editorial is based on Can AI be Ethical and Moral? which was published in The Hindu on 24/08/2023. It talks about how programming ethics into...

    25 Aug 2023 Robotics

  • Concerns Related to High Modernism in AI

    For Prelims: Concerns Related to High Modernism in AIs, ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence For Mains: Concerns Related to High Modernism in AIs,...

    12 Jul 2023 Robotics

  • The Hiroshima AI Process for Global AI Governance

    For Prelims: The Hiroshima AI Process, Global AI Governance, Generative AI, G-7, OECD, GPAI, IPR. For Mains: The Hiroshima AI Process for Global...

    15 Jun 2023 Robotics

  • Coronal Mass Ejections

    Why in News? Researchers have been closely monitoring the ongoing changes in the energy state of the solar eruption's core that occurred on July 20,...

    14 Jun 2023 Robotics

  • Artificial Intelligence

    For Prelims: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Weak AI, Strong AI, Differences Between AI, ML and DL, Types of AI. For Mains: Indigenization of...

    23 May 2023 Robotics

  • Water Footprint of AI

    For Prelims: ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, GPT-4, AI models For Mains: Balancing technological advancements with resource conservation, Impact...

    16 May 2023 Robotics

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