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Rapid Fire

Rabbit r1

  • 25 Jan 2024
  • 1 min read

Rabbit Inc. has developed a platform supported by an artificial intelligence model, capable of replicating human smartphone actions and executing them upon request. This device essentially enhances the functionalities of existing voice assistants.

  • The r1, the company's first device, is a palm-sized standalone gadget driven primarily by natural language for completing tasks.
    • It utilizes a biased-for-action AI model called a large action model (LAM) within the Rabbit OS, leveraging neuro-symbolic programming to enable direct learning from user interactions and task execution, bypassing the translation of text-based requests into Application Programming Interface(APIs), resulting in a more nuanced human-to-machine interaction focused on routine and minimalistic tasks.
    • It aims to surpass the constraints of traditional chatbots by mitigating reliance on text-based AI models (large language models) that heavily rely on annotated data, allowing it to perform actionable tasks beyond generating plans.
      • The r1 can manage various tasks, such as arranging an Uber ride or organizing an entire vacation, including booking flights and hotels.

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