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India-Us Defence Deal

  • 27 Oct 2021
  • 4 min read

Why in News

Recently, the Ministry of Defence has signed a deal with the US Government for procurement of MK 54 Torpedo and Expendable (Chaff and Flares) for the Indian Navy, under Foreign Military Sale (FMS).

  • FMS is the U.S. Government’s program for transferring defense articles, services, and training to its international partners and international organizations.
  • Expendables are something which can be consumed or used during flight and can not be recovered.

Key Points

  • MK 54 Torpedo:
    • It is a cigar-shaped, self-propelled underwater missile, launched from a submarine, surface vessel, or airplane and designed for exploding upon contact with the hulls of surface vessels and submarines.
    • The MK 54 uses sophisticated processing algorithms to analyze the information, edit out false targets or countermeasures, and then pursue identified threats.
    • The primary use of this equipment is for offensive purposes when deployed by anti-submarine warfare aircraft and helicopters, and for defensive purposes when deployed by ships and against fast, deep-diving nuclear submarines and slow-moving, quiet, diesel-electric submarines.
  • Expendables:
    • Chaff:
      • Chaff is a part of CounterMeasure Dispensing System (CMDS) is a passive expendable electronic counter measure used for protection of the naval ships from enemy's radar and missile seekers based on radio frequency.
        • CMDS provides self-protection in sophisticated, diverse and dense threats to the aircraft against Radar guided & Infrared seeking missiles.
      • It is composed of many small aluminium or zinc coated fibres stored on-board the aircraft in tubes.
      • In case the aircraft feels threatened by any radar tracking missiles, chaff is ejected into the turbulent wake of air behind the plane.
    • Flare:
      • A flare or decoy flare is also a part of CMDS, used by a plane or helicopter to counter an infrared homing ("heat-seeking") surface-to-air missile or air-to-air missile.
      • Flares are commonly composed of a pyrotechnic composition based on magnesium or another hot-burning metal, with a burning temperature equal to or hotter than engine exhaust.
      • The Infrared Flares are used to save the fighter and transport aircrafts from Infrared guided missiles (both surface to air and air to air threats).
      • Flares on being fired provide an alternate strong IR (Infrared) source to heat-seeking anti-air missiles so that they are lured away from the aircraft.
  • Significance of the Deal:
    • It will improve India’s capability to conduct anti-submarine warfare missions and serve “as a deterrent to regional threats and to strengthen [India’s] homeland defense”.
    • It is part of the US commitment to share cutting-edge technology with India and to ensure that both nations enjoy the benefits of a secure and stable South Asia.
    • It is significant in wake of the threat that China poses to both countries. In recent times, China has shown off its muscle power in the Indian Ocean, which can be seen as a threat to India.
    • It is anticipated as America's way of warning China and trying to retain balance in the geopolitical context.
      • In the recent past, the Quad collective, made up of India, Japan, Australia and the United States, had stated that they would do all they can to ensure peace in the Indo-Pacific region.

Source: IE

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