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Celebrating Excellence: Inspirational Journey of the Elite Top 10 of UPSC 2023

  • 30 Apr 2024

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has recently announced the results of Civil Services Examination- 2023, marking the culmination of an intense and competitive journey for thousands of aspirants across the nation. The UPSC Civil Services Examination, renowned for its rigorous selection process, found its shining stars on May 28th, with subsequent stages unfurling through September 15th for the Mains, and the final interviews stretching from January 4th to April 9th.

Let's dive into the lives and triumphs of the top 10 achievers who have set new benchmarks of success in one of India's most prestigious examinations. This annual event not only shapes the careers of individuals but also plays a pivotal role in shaping the administrative landscape of the nation.

AIR 1: Aditya Srivastava

Aditya Srivastava topped the Civil Services Examination in 2023. Previously, in 2022, he secured an All India rank of 236 and was selected for the Indian Police Service (IPS).. The success is further accentuated by his unique approach to preparation, blending traditional study methods with innovative techniques. His background in Electrical Engineering, a field that demands precision and analytical rigor, provided a solid foundation for tackling the UPSC's complex problem-solving scenarios. He utilized his knowledge and took Electrical Engineering as optional subject to gain leverage.

Beyond academics, Aditya's tenure at Goldman Sachs enriched him with a global perspective and an understanding of economic and financial landscapes, invaluable in the examination's General Studies papers.

Moreover, Aditya's active engagement in online forums and study groups for UPSC aspirants showcased his collaborative spirit and his belief in collective growth. His strategy of integrating real-world professional experiences with the vast UPSC syllabus set a new precedent for how aspirants from technical and professional backgrounds can leverage their experiences to conquer this examination.

Aditya's victory is not just personal but serves as a guiding beacon for future aspirants, proving that with the right mix of dedication, strategy, and a willingness to innovate in one's approach, cracking the UPSC is an achievable dream.

AIR 2: Animesh Pradhan

Animesh Pradhan's ascent to secure the All India Rank 2 in the UPSC 2023 examination in first attempt is a story that resonates with sheer resilience and unmatched perseverance. With an astounding academic foundation, evidenced by scoring 98.8% in his Class XII exams, Animesh has consistently demonstrated exceptional intellectual capabilities. Facing the profound personal tragedy of losing both parents within a span of six years, he displayed extraordinary courage and determination, qualities that undeniably propelled him towards his UPSC success.

Animesh's academic journey took him to NIT Rourkela, where he excelled in his studies to earn a degree in Computer Science, laying a strong technical groundwork that would later support his analytical skills in the UPSC exam. Following his graduation, Animesh gained valuable professional experience at the Indian Oil Corporation, further broadening his understanding of the complexities and challenges within one of India’s leading public-sector units.

Moreover, Animesh's contribution to online forums dedicated to UPSC preparation became a testament to his willingness to share knowledge and insights, benefiting a wider community of aspirants. His optional subject was sociology which helped him gain good score and provide advantage in the exam.

AIR 3: Donuru Ananya Reddy

Donuru Ananya Reddy's remarkable achievement of securing the All India Rank 3 in the UPSC 2023 examination epitomizes the essence of dedication and targeted preparation. Graduating with a BA (Honours) in Geology from the prestigious Miranda House of Delhi University, Ananya not only excelled in her academic pursuits but also displayed a keen interest in the practical applications of her field of study.

Her success on the very first attempt is a testament to the efficacy of her study strategy, encompassing a well-rounded understanding of her optional subject alongside a rigorous preparation for the general studies and current affairs components of the exam. Ananya's disciplined preparation was complemented by her engagement with study groups that focused on peer learning and collective knowledge sharing, particularly in subjects outside her specialization. Anaya took Anthropology as optional subject which blended well with her background in geology and help her score well during the exam.

Ananya Reddy’s journey from a geology enthusiast to securing a top rank in the UPSC exam illustrates the power of integrating academic passions with a focused and immersive preparation strategy, setting a remarkable example for future aspirants who seek to blend their academic interests with their civil services ambitions.

AIR 4 : Siddharth Ramkumar (AIR 4)

Siddharth Ramkumar's ascended to the All India Rank 4 in the UPSC 2023 examination in his fourth attempt. His journey is a testament to the power of balancing rigorous academic discipline with active participation in extracurricular activities, showcasing a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Siddharth's early display of leadership as the cricket team captain during his school days set the foundation for his all-rounded character, blending the spirit of teamwork and perseverance with scholarly pursuits. Moreover, Siddharth’s dedication to physical fitness, including running marathons and practicing yoga, helped him maintain mental and physical composure throughout his UPSC journey.

This discipline in his personal life translated into a rigorous study routine, where he balanced his time between mastering his optional subject anthropology, staying updated with current affairs, and revising foundational subjects. Siddharth's holistic preparation strategy, combining leadership, service, and personal well-being, played a pivotal role in his success, demonstrating that a well-rounded development is key to excelling in the UPSC examination.

AIR 5: Ruhani

Ruhani’s narrative is one of ambition and continuous pursuit of higher achievements. Originating from Haryana, she initially joined the Indian Economic Service, serving at NITI Aayog for two years. Her journey to securing the fifth rank in UPSC was fueled by her strong academic foundation in economics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi University, and a Master's through IGNOU. Ruhani's successful attempt came on her second try, showcasing her dedication and focused preparation towards achieving administrative excellence. Clearing the examination on her third attempt, she exemplifies the importance of resilience and the willingness to learn from each experience. She choose to play to her strength and chose Economics as optional subject for the UPSC exam.

Additionally, Ruhani made it a point to integrate her learnings from working on various national development projects into her UPSC answers, showcasing the applicability of theoretical knowledge to solve practical issues. Her disciplined approach extended to a well-structured routine, combining work experience, rigorous academic review, and a keen focus on current affairs.

Beyond academics, Ruhani was actively involved in mentoring aspiring UPSC candidates, sharing her insights and strategies, which further refined her understanding and presentation skills. Her journey is a testament to how professional experience, when aligned with academic excellence, can enhance the preparation strategy, making Ruhani’s success a beacon for those aiming to blend their career experiences with their civil services aspirations.

AIR 6: Sristi Dabas

Sristi Dabas, hailing from the capital city of Delhi, has been a paragon of academic and professional excellence. With a rich background in Political Science, Sristi currently serves as a human resource officer at the Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai. Her journey to securing the 6th rank in her first attempt at the UPSC examination is a testament to her profound knowledge and commitment to her goals. Sristi’s story is particularly remarkable, considering her ability to balance a demanding professional role while preparing for one of the most challenging exams in the country.

Working as a human resource officer at the Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai, Sristi demonstrated remarkable time management and discipline. The nature of her job, which involves understanding the complexities of human resource management and contributing to the effective functioning of India's central bank, complemented her UPSC preparation. The skills honed in a professional setting, such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making, were seamlessly integrated into her study routine, making her a well-rounded candidate for the civil services.

Additionally, Sristi's passion for reading, especially non-fiction and biographies of notable leaders and reformers, deepened her understanding of governance, ethics, and leadership—themes that resonate deeply within the UPSC syllabus. Her methodical approach to preparation, involving early morning study sessions before work and maximizing weekends for revision, exemplifies the discipline and dedication required to excel in the UPSC examination. Sristi choose Political Science and International Relations and played to her strength. It helped her to gain position among the top 10 in UPSC exams.

AIR 7: Anmol Rathore

Anmol Rathore, from the picturesque region of Jammu and Kashmir, showcases what perseverance and dedicated effort can achieve. Graduating with a law degree from the National Law University, Gujarat, Anmol used her legal knowledge to gain broader understanding Indian legal structure and system. Achieving the 7th rank on her third attempt, Anmol’s journey is a narrative of overcoming challenges and persisting towards one’s dreams with unwavering dedication.

Anmol's path to success was not without its hurdles. It took her three attempts to reach her goal, a journey marked by perseverance, self-improvement, and an unwavering commitment to her dream of serving in the Indian civil services. Each attempt was a learning experience, allowing her to refine her strategies, deepen her knowledge, and come back stronger. This iterative process of learning and growth underscores the importance of resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges. This optional subject of law not only strengthened her understanding of social justice issues but also instilled in her a sense of empathy and compassion—qualities essential for a career in the civil services.

Furthermore, Anmol's involvement in moot court competitions and legal research projects honed her analytical and problem-solving skills, which she effectively utilized in tackling the UPSC examination's multifaceted challenges. Her journey exemplifies how personal experiences and social consciousness can shape one's preparation and outlook towards serving the nation through the civil services.

AIR 8: Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar’s path to securing the 8th rank in the UPSC exam is a journey of continuous learning and persistence. A dual degree holder from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Ashsis also demonstrated good command on humanities subjects. His success on the fifth attempt underscores a profound commitment to his goals and the courage to persevere through setbacks. Ashish’s interest in cooking also reflects a well-rounded personality, capable of balancing intense study with personal passions.Ashish's journey to was characterized by resilience and a never-give-up attitude, as evidenced by his success on the fifth attempt.

His optional subject Sociology and degree from Engineering college provided an opportunity for self-improvement and refinement of his knowledge. This iterative process of learning, adapting, and persevering is a testament to his commitment to achieving his dream of entering the civil services. It underscores the importance of persistence, the willingness to learn from each experience, and the courage to continue striving towards one's goals despite setbacks.

Furthermore, Ashish's participation in extracurricular activities such as debate competitions and model United Nations conferences sharpened his communication and diplomacy skills, which proved invaluable during the UPSC interview stage. His journey underscores the importance of holistic development and resilience in navigating the challenges of the civil services examination, inspiring aspirants to pursue their goals with unwavering determination and a zest for learning.

AIR 9: Nausheen

Nausheen, from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, managed to crack one of the toughest exam in India in her fourth attempt.Hailing from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, her academic journey took her to the prestigious Delhi University, where she studied at Khalsa College.Nausheen leveraged her knowledge of history to deepen her understanding of cultural, political, and social dynamics, a decision that played a pivotal role in her UPSC success.Her journey was marked by perseverance, culminating in success on her fourth attempt. This iterative journey was not just about revisiting her preparation strategies but also about strengthening her resolve and enhancing her knowledge base with each passing year.

Nausheen’s choice of history, as optional subject subject provided deep understanding of timelines, significant events, and their impact on contemporary society, reflects her analytical capabilities and her ability to draw connections between the past and present—skills that are crucial for a career in civil services.

Nausheen's involvement in historical research projects and academic conferences allowed her to delve deeper into her chosen subject, honing her research and presentation skills and fostering a deeper appreciation for India's rich cultural heritage. Her journey exemplifies how personal experiences, academic interests, and community engagement can converge to shape a well-rounded and empathetic civil servant, poised to tackle the complexities of governance and public administration.

AIR 10: Aishwaryam Prajapati

Aishwaryam Prajapati’s story is one of ambition and methodical preparation. Originating from Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh, she pursued a BTech from the National Institute of Technology, Uttarakhand. Aishwaryam secured the 10th rank on her second attempt. Her journey exemplifies the power of focused preparation and the drive to succeed, making her a source of inspiration for countless UPSC aspirants. This technical background and optional subject of history endowed her with analytical skills and a methodical approach to problem-solving, traits that are invaluable in the preparation for and success in the UPSC examination.

With knowledge of society, Aishwaryam ventured beyond her engineering domain to explore the complexities of society and social dynamics. This interdisciplinary approach not only broadened her intellectual horizon but also equipped her with a diverse skill set, enabling her to tackle the UPSC's vast syllabus with a unique perspective.

Aishwaryam's love for travel and exploration allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of India's cultural diversity and socio-economic disparities, providing her with nuanced insights into the country's developmental priorities and governance issues. Her multidimensional approach to preparation, encompassing academic excellence, extracurricular engagement, and a genuine concern for societal welfare, underscores her holistic perspective and readiness to serve the nation with compassion and integrity.


The stories of these top 10 achievers in the UPSC 2023 examination are a beacon of inspiration for future aspirants. Their diverse backgrounds, choice of optional subjects, and unique journeys to success underline the fact that determination, hard work, and a focused approach can turn dreams into reality. As we celebrate their accomplishments, let their stories motivate others to aspire, persevere, and achieve.

Reflecting on the remarkable achievements of these top 10 achievers in the UPSC 2023 examination, it becomes evident that their journeys embody the essence of resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Their success serves as a testament to the transformative power of education, perseverance, and the pursuit of one's passions. May their stories continue to inspire and guide future aspirants on their path towards realizing their dreams and making meaningful contributions to society.

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