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  • 28 Dec 2020 Revision Tests Revision Tests

    Full Length Test GS1

    1. Most of the art and architectural remains that survive from ancient and medieval India are religious in nature. Examine. (150 words)

    2. Chola bronze sculptures are considered as the most elegant. Substantiate. (150 words)

    3. Discuss the contributions of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar in the making of modern India. (150 words)

    4. Explain the formation of tropical cyclones. Discuss why the Bay of Bengal is more prone to cyclones?(150 words)

    5. The issue of multiple time-zones for a country like India keeps resurfacing. In this context, examine the feasibility of multiple time zones in India. (150 words)

    6. Interlinking of rivers solves the twin problems of drought and flood. Analyse in the context of the government's National River Linking Project. (150 words)

    7. What were the prominent changes made in the administration of India after the Revolt of 1857 especially in the fields of provincial administration, local bodies and public services? (150 words)

    8. In the context of colonialism, bring out the reasons behind easy domination of Asian and African countries by the Western powers. (150 words)

    9. The locus of poverty in India is shifting from rural to urban areas. Comment. (150 words)

    10. Establish the relationship between caste and economic inequality in India. Describe some of the policy measures designed to address caste inequality. (150 words)

    11. “India needs smart urbanization”. In light of this, discuss the issues and challenges associated with urbanization in India. (250 words)

    12. What are the challenges and prospects of inland water transport in India? Also, enumerate the measures taken by the government to promote inland water transport. (250 words)

    13. World War I linked India to global events in profound ways with far reaching consequences. Discuss by giving suitable examples. (250 words)

    14. The South African experiment prepared Mahatma Gandhi for leadership of the Indian national struggle in many respects. Discuss. (250 words)

    15. “Constitutional reforms introduced by the British government from time to time were always too little and too late”. Discuss with special reference to Montagu-Chelmsford reforms. (250 words)

    16. Western policy of appeasement of the fascist powers caused the Second World War. Examine. (250 words)

    17. The linguistic reorganization of states resulted in rationalizing the political map of India without seriously weakening its unity. Examine. (250 words)

    18. Had the private sector been allowed a free play right from the beginning, India could have developed much better. Critically analyse. (250 words)

    19. Globalisation has changed the role of State. Critically evaluate its impact in the context of developing countries. (250 words)

    20. Gender justice is as important as religious freedom. Analyse in the context of recent developments in India. (250 words)

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