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  • 29 Dec 2020 Revision Tests Revision Tests

    Full Length Test GS3

    1. Discuss the role of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in combating terror financing and money laundering in India. (150 words)

    2. In India, Universal Basic Income (UBI) is feasible because it can be pegged at relatively low levels of income but still yield immense welfare gains. Examine. (150 words)

    3. Explain how technology can play a role in effective border management. (150 words)

    4. Highlighting the objectives of the National Biopharma Mission, discuss its potential in transforming the health standards of India. (150 words)

    5. What is data sovereignty? Discuss its importance in transforming India into a knowledge economy. (150 words)

    6. Discuss the significance of methanol based economy for India. What are the challenges involved in tapping its potential? (150 words)

    7. Explain why the launch of the India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP) is a bold response to addressing India’s future cooling needs? (150 words)

    8. Disaster risk reduction is an integral part of social and economic development, and is essential if development is to be sustainable. Discuss in view of the recent natural disasters in India. (150 words)

    9. It is in India’s interest to develop and pursue a strong green financing ecosystem. Elucidate. (150 words)

    10. Indian economy depends on robust rural and agricultural growth more than the industrial production and service sector. Substantiate. (150 words)

    11. The government’s move to amalgamate banks may have immediate gains but leaves key systemic challenges unresolved. Discuss in view of the recent bank mergers. (250 words)

    12. India’s distinction between civilian and military space requirements are borne out of necessity rather than choice. Explain in context of Mission Shakti. (250 words)

    13. Food processing industry has the potential to ease rural distress in India. Critically comment. (250 words)

    14. The aviation sector in India remains largely untapped but faces many challenges on different fronts. Identify the reasons behind the brewing trouble in India’s aviation sector and suggest some measures to redress the same. (250 words)

    15. The vision for a healthy India calls for prioritizing public health and shifting the approach from being curative to preventive. Critically analyse. (250 words)

    16. The participation of women in the labour force in India is one of the lowest globally. Identify the social and economic factors behind this and suggest remedial measures. (250 words)

    17. The generation of plastic waste poses a serious threat to the environment and human health. Highlight the initiatives taken by the government in this regard and also suggest some additional measures. (250 words)

    18. The impact of Minimum Support Price (MSP) hikes announced periodically by the government remains limited due to constraints in reach and infrastructure facilities. Critically examine. (250 words)

    19. Only by solving the riddle of agriculture marketing can the transition from green revolution to income revolution happen for Indian farmers. Analyze. (250 words)

    20. Electric Vehicles (EV) are an area of huge interest to India as it holds the potential of reducing the demand for liquid fuel. Highlight the opportunities and challenges posed in the adoption of EVs in India. (250 words)

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