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  • 27 Dec 2020 Revision Tests Revision Tests

    Revision Test 4

    1. Today, when the problems of the whole world are shared, it is possible to solve these problems only through ethics in international relations. Examine the statement. (150 words)

    2. What does the following quotation mean to you in the present context? (150 words)

         “Everybody to count for one, nobody for more than one.”

    3. Describing the basic principle of 3D printing technology, explain its importance in the space sector. (150 words)

    4. Evaluate population explosion as a key factor in environmental degradation. Can environmental degradation be stopped by population control? (150 words)

    5. Underline the current need for business ethics. Also spell out the various issues related to it? (150 words)

    6. How can approval of linking MNREGA with agriculture by the Government prove to be effective in improving the situation of farmers? Discuss. (250 words)

    7. As a result of globalization, employment in the formal sector has decreased in Indian economy. Discuss with logic. (250 words)

    8. Describing the standards of Mahatma Gandhi's ethics, discuss the current need of those standards. (250 words)

    9. “The maximum use of technology is extremely important to make the security arrangements of international borders more robust and effective.” Discuss in the context of the features of the Smart Fence Management. (250 words)

    10. What do you understand by bioethics? Discuss issues related to bioethics in India. (250 words)

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