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  • 13 Dec 2020 Revision Tests Revision Tests

    Revision Test 3

    1. Influence of Buddhist religion and it’s teachings is clearly reflected in art and culture of the Mauryan empire. Explain this statement with suitable examples. (150 words)

    2. Mention the constitutional provisions that inspire the establishment of Lok Adalats. How do they present an alternative solution to reduce the excessive pressure on Indian courts? (150 words)

    3. On one hand, efforts are being made to increase the extension of Aadhar by the Government, on the other hand data protection controversy appears to be encroaching on the rights of individual's privacy. Analyze (150 words)

    4. Recent reports from reputed global institutions demonstrate the widespread success of India's poverty eradication efforts in the past one decade, however, in the direction of building a ‘poverty-free nation’, India needs to make some more efforts. Analyze (150 words)

    5. What is the difference between ‘criminalisation of politics’ and ‘politicization of crime’? Do you agree with the view that ‘criminalization of politics’ in India is weakening the roots of democracy? (150 words)

    6. Describe the role of civil society organizations in poverty alleviation. Mention the hurdles due to which civil society organizations lag behind in achieving their goals. (250 words)

    7. “The typical characteristic feature of Indian caste system is that it is not ending though it is changing”. Elaborate the statement. (250 words)

    8. Indian Independence movement without Gandhi would have remained restricted to some sections only. Examine the statement.(250 words)

    9. The Indian government is simultaneously trying to improve relations with the United States and Russia. This move to carry two opposite poles together reflects a new dimension of Indian foreign policy. Explain. (250 words)

    10. Review the rationalist and humanist elements in socio-religious reform movements of the nineteenth century. Evaluate their role in the making of modern India. (250 words)

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