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Water Kiosks in Delhi
Apr 26, 2014

10 resettlement colonies in south and south-west Delhi which have no piped water supply now get water kiosks. Residents of these areas are now able to use these through smart cards and purchase treated ground water which, Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has assured, will be of a better quality than mineral water.

A pilot project at the resettlement colony of Savda Ghevra is already working. For it a decentralized water treatment plant was constructed where groundwater was treated and stored for dispensation through kiosks. One litre of water, if purchased at the kiosk, costs 30 paise. If bought from the plant, it costs as little as 15 paise per litre.

Groundwater is purified through reverse osmosis system and treated water is supplied at different locations through vending machines powered by solar energy.  The pilot project was facilitated by the Delhi Jal Board, which sunk a bore-well for the plant. Raw water goes through a carbon cartridge filter, a micro filter, an RO unit and finally a disinfection process using UV rays.

The water is then taken to the 500-litre capacity ‘ATMs’ through a tanker. If the water level drops to 100 litres in the ATMs, an SMS is sent to the refill tanker driver. The plant and the ATMs are all connected by cloud computing, so the quality is monitored in real-time. The plant is a zero-wastage facility, with the waste water being directed to a recharge pit.

The cashless vending machines dispense drinking water when swiped with cards that can be recharged at the plant through a mobile phone. 925 cards had been distributed among the 8,500 families. The capacity of the kiosk is 20,000 litres daily.

DJB, in conjunction with Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board, proposes to replicate this model in other resettlement colonies. 

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