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UN-Mizoran Sign Agreement to Initiate Livelihood Project
Oct 20, 2014

The United Nations and the Mizoram government signed a 4 million dollar agreement to initiate a livelihood project in the state. The project would employ a virtuous cycle approach to manage and protect the state’s ecosystem and cut out unscrupulous middlemen by teaching business plans to farmers and others in the primary sector.

The UN entourage consists of four specialised agencies—ILO, FAO, UNIDO and UNDP—and the global body’s Resident Coordinator in India to oversee the project would be set up in Aizawl latest by December 15.

The 4-year-project is a unique initiative which is the only one of its kind in India. The project was incubated in late 2012 by the FAO initially and other specialized UN agencies were roped in given the scale of problems faced in the state.

The project is expected to create market linkages for Mizoram’s primary products and also focus on sustainable use of bamboo, one of the state’s most well-developed natural resources.

A system to prevent outbreaks of diseases among domestic animals is also planned since Mizoram, bordering both Bangladesh and Myanmar, is prone to the entry of exotic ailments that devastate the animal husbandry sector.

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