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Thailand Bans Surrogacy for Foreigners
Feb 24, 2015

Thailand's interim parliament has passed a law that bans foreigners from seeking surrogacy services to end a rent-a-womb industry that made the Southeast Asian country a top destination for fertility tourism.

Thailand was rocked by several surrogacy scandals last year, including allegations that an Australian couple had abandoned their Down Syndrome baby with his Thai birth mother taking only his healthy twin sister back to Australia with them.

Another case involved a Japanese man who fathered at least at least 16 babies using Thai surrogates in what Thai media called the baby factory.

  • This law aims to stop Thai women's wombs from becoming the world's womb. 

  • This law bans foreign couples from coming to Thailand to seek commercial surrogacy services.

  • The law bans foreign couples from seeking surrogacy services and stipulates that surrogate mothers must be Thai and over 25.

  • The important part of the law is if the couple seeking surrogacy services is Thai or the couple is mixed-race, they can find a Thai woman to be their surrogate providing she is over 25.

  • The violation of the law carries a severe prison sentence. Under the new law, anyone involved in hiring women commercially to carry foetuses to term will face a maximum jail term of 10 years.

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