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Skill Development Architecture Programme MANAS Launched
Apr 12, 2016

The Union Minister for Minority Affairs launched innovative entrepreneurship and skill development programme of Maulana Azad National Academy for Skills (MANAS)–through leading national/international experts in different skill sets.

  • Two training centres of Beauty & Wellness Sector, one in Okhla and another in Daryaganj area were also inaugurated. In Okhla Centre Jawed Habib known for impetus to revolutionize the art of Hair Styling in India will provide scientific and systematic training to the aspirants wishing to pursue a career in cosmetology. Ms. Shahnaz Hussain will impart training to aspirantsat Daryaganj centre in the area of natural care and cure.

Under a unique and first time initiative, MANAS has come up with an innovative scheme under which it proposes to use such leading celebrities in various skill sets as the driving force behind the skill development projects, in their respective fields, for the benefit of marginalised sections of minority communities.

There are a large number of leading experts in different trades/skill sets, who belong to Minority Communities. They are icons for youths all over the country particularly for minority communities, in their respective fields. They are well known public figures, who are recognized by their name, face and their associated trades/skill sets. They are inspirational figures, who motivate young population to excel in the chosen field of trade/expertise. Most of them have already acquired fame, fortune and social status, which compares with the best in the country and outside and may not be so interested in getting monetary benefits only anymore. Most of them are, more than eager to repay their respective communities by using their expertise and stature in their respective fields, for the benefit of marginalised sections of their communities and also for the society at large, by supporting the cause of skill development/upgradation in their own areas of expertise.

  • Traditional Educational Institutions of Minorities like Madrasas/Maktabs and others, have been linked to Skill Development Programme of Ministry of Minority Affairs (MOMA) through Maulana Azad National Academy for Skills.

  • Apart from bridging the trust deficit of the minority communities, MANAS has been able to provide door-step access to quality skill development training to marginalised sections of Minority communities particularly to women and girl child, for providing them gainful employment/self-employment.

  • MANAS has identified and launched Skill Development Programme in various Madarsas and other traditional Educational Institutions of Minorities in the states of Bihar, Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir and Assam.

  • MANAS provides an institutional arrangement to meet all Skill Development/ Upgradation needs of the Minority communities in the country. A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), MANAS comprises of an extensive All India Level, Training Framework based on Collaboration (PPP mode) with leading and reputed Training Providers at National/ International level, in the country.

  • MANAS is an ambitious and over-arching skill development architecture, aimed at providing an all India Level training framework, based upon tie-ups with National/International training organizations (on PPP mode) for imparting training to the minority population, for skills that are currently in demand.

  • It will also provide concessional credit for minority community after meeting their Skilling Needs for expanding their existing businesses and setting up new businesses.

  • MANAS is a multi-dimensional organization and it includes a special vertical for identifying, supporting, and promoting those arts and crafts of minority community which are getting phased out due to globalization. MANAS will establish a Research Chairs for this purpose and in the process help in preserving Hamari Dharohar.

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