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Public-Private Online Partnership to Scale up Skill Development in India
Sep 04, 2015

Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) in partnership with the World Bank organized a Google+ Hangout to enable greater engagement of the Indian corporate sector in India’s skill development initiatives on September 2.

The Google+ Hangout has different stakeholders including government, World Bank and CEOs of large Indian Corporations deliberate ways in which Corporate Social Responsibility Funds of Indian companies can be channeled towards skill development initiatives of the government.

  • The Hangout also launched IT-based Skills to Jobs Aggregator Platform.

  • The Skills to Jobs platform–created as part of World Bank technical assistance to MSDE – is a technology enabled multi-stakeholder platform that will effectively channel funds (both government and corporate) towards skills projects and also help Indian companies and skilled trainees to connect, which could lead to better job prospects for the trainees.

  • The entire platform will be driven through a combination of Marketplace and cloud, mobile and big data technologies.

  • All data points will be tagged to Google Maps, thereby, providing exact locations ensuring highest levels of data authenticity.

  • Dashboards will be created to provide a one-stop solution for understanding and evaluating the progress, effectiveness and impact of skills projects across the country.

  • Google+ Hangout will help brainstorm on how public and private capital can be effectively channeled towards skill development in order to prepare a better skilled workforce for the job market.

India is expected to have half of its population under 28 years by 2030. While the ‘ageing economy’ phenomenon will globally create a shortage of skilled manpower of 57 million by 2020, India will have a surplus of 46 million working people. Helping this young population with the right skills will provide India a huge demographic dividend.

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