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National Innovation Survey Report
Dec 24, 2014

Innovation plays a vital role in nation's prosperity. Recognizing the importance, the Indian Government has mounted a new initiative the Science, Technology, Innovation and Creation of Knowledge framework (STICK). The National Innovation Survey framework, evolved upon in-depth discussion with the national and international experts shall be used in the implementation of the STICK Programme.

Scientific and technological research needs huge investments and calls for a judicious utilization of scarce resources like finance, trained manpower, raw materials etc. Data collection and analysis pertaining to resources, devoted to S&T, therefore, assumes significant importance. The growth of Science and Technology, its performance and impact on society and economy are indicators to assess the effectiveness of planning and policy formulation.

The National Science and Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS), a division of Department of Science and Technology has been entrusted with the task of building the information base on a continuous basis on resources devoted to scientific and technological activities for policy planning in the country.

The Department of Science and Technology has brought out a national report entitled Understanding Innovation: Indian National Innovation Survey with social  focus on MSMEs. This report, first of its kind, benchmarks innovation potentiality of Indian firms in terms of innovations activities, sources of innovation, linkages, human resource, effects and factors affecting innovation activities. The report is based on the analysis of sample survey of 9001 firms, largely MSMEs, spread across 26 states and 5 Union Territories across various industrial sectors in the country.

The report highlights fundamental issues related to innovations in the context of developing economies and provides inputs for devising evidence based policy prescriptions or recommendations for strengthening the innovation infrastructure and growth of MSMEs in the country.

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