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India to Enact New Labour Laws to Boost Investment
Oct 18, 2014

India was on its way to make comprehensive changes in labour laws to facilitate investment and entrepreneurship, including drafting a single law for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

The labour laws will be amended in order to encourage investment, ease of doing business and entrepreneurship. Amendments have also been proposed to enhance safety at workplace and working conditions especially for women.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment has been made mandatory for hazardous industries. Amendment in legislation has also been proposed to allow night work for women. This would promote participation of women in labour force.

India is also working on Minimum age of employment and to provide a mandatory national floor level of minimum wages. Also in process a draft for a single law for MSME to increase formalisation.

India has a healthy tradition of tripartism and is committed to achieve targets of progress and growth with cooperation of all stakeholders. Industry and commerce has maximum potential of employment, and employers have a big role to play to address the concern of jobless growth.

A large informal sector, lower participation of women in labour force, increasing the productivity of labour and providing social protection to the vulnerable sections were the main challenges. In the last decade, while the rate of employment growth was less than 1 per cent and youth unemployment rate was 6.6 per cent and underemployment rate was touching 5.7 per cent.

Every year almost 10 million people enter labour force in India. Creation of commensurate health and educational infrastructure for them is India’s highest priority to reap its demographic dividend for growth and prosperity. One of the key requirements to boost labour market participation rate is to minimise the skill mismatch in job market by enhancing the skill base of the workforce in emerging economies like India.

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