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De-Reservation of Remaining 20 Items Reserved for MSE Sector
Apr 20, 2015

An Advisory Committee constituted under Section 29B(2C) of the Industries (Development & Regulation) Act, 1951 on de-reservation periodically evaluates products /items reserved for exclusive production by Micro and Small Enterprises. India has opened up its economy since 1991 through a forward looking Policy which led to de-licensing of items. Over the years list of items reserved for manufacture by MSE Sector has been reduced from over 800 to 20. 

The Advisory Committee in its meeting noted that with the import liberalization, all remaining items are allowed for imports. Thus, there is no prima facie justification for continuation of reservation of manufacturing in the MSE Sector since such reservation may inhibit the possibilities based on technologies, economy of scale, etc. vis-a-vis the imported items. 

On the recommendation of Advisory Committee, Government of India has decided to de-reserve remaining 20 items presently reserved for exclusive manufacture by MSE Sector. Accordingly following items are de-reserved: 

(i) Pickles and Chutneys,

(ii) Bread,

(iii) Mustard Oil (except solvent extracted), 
Ground Nut Oil (except solvent extracted),

(v) Wooden furniture and Fixtures, 

(vi) Exercise Books and Registers,

(vii) Wax Candles,

(viii) Laundry Soap,

(ix) Safety Matches,

(x) Fireworks, (xi) Agarbatties,

(xii) Glass Bangles,

(xiii) Steel Almirah,

(xiv) Rolling shutters,

(xv) Steel chairs – all types,

(xvi) Steel tables–all other types,

(xvii) Steel Furniture – all other types,

(xviii) Padlocks,

(xix) Stainless steel utensils, 

(xx) Domestic utensils–Aluminium. 

The above policy initiatives have been taken to encourage greater investment, including the existing MSME units, to incorporate better Technologies, Standard and Branch Building to enhance Competition in Indian and Global markets for these products.

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