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All Orphans may have a Common Birthday
Mar 23, 2015

All orphans without a date of birth may soon share a common birthday, January 1. The Government has decided in principle to consider the first day of an orphan’s birth year as his or her birthday. This will not only sort out problems like issuance of passports or school admissions (for which a birth certificate is a must) but also facilitate their inter-country adoption.

  • The Government is concerned about the problem of the lack of birth certificates for orphans. It is a major impediment for issuance of passports, opening of bank accounts, and school admissions to begin with. The child continues to face a host of problems throughout his life in its absence.

  • This will also give a major boost to inter-country adoptions, which have been on a constant downslide in the last five years. 

  • Domestic adoptions in India have nearly halved from 5,693 in 2010 to 2,503 in 2014 and similarly international adoptions have come down from 628 in 2010-11 to 300 in 2014-15.  

  • In a country which has more than 50,000 orphans waiting to be adopted, our adoption numbers are low and continue to come down.

The Central Adoption Resource Authority had requested to the Ministry of External Affairs for expediting the issuance of passports to adopted children under inter-country adoption, where they requested the latter to consider the date of birth recorded by the court in its order for adoption as the conclusive date of birth without insisting for the birth certificate.

The Ministry of External Affairs refused to entertain the request saying, the requirement of production of birth certificate for the adopted child under inter-country adoption born on or after January 26, 1989 would remain a mandatory requirement in terms of the provision contained in the Passport Rules, 1980 besides the court order.

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