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Q. Reforms in BCCI: Comment on recent Supreme Court order on sweeping changes to bring greater transparency in the Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI).
Jul 21, 2016 Related to : GS Paper-2

Ans :


Recently the Supreme Court has accepted the majority of the Lodha Committee recommendations covering wide-ranging aspects of Indian cricket at the central and state level. Apex Court has given the BCCI about six months to implement the recommendations of Lodha Committee and appointed RM Lodha, the former chief justice of India who was the architect of the report, to oversee the transition.

Supreme Court’s observation-

  • Apex Court has favoured sweeping structural reforms and specific rules to eliminate conflicts of interest and the creation of near-permanent tenures and fiefdoms.
  • Court has questioned the concentration of power in the president of the BCCI and the patronage extended by the office to favoured individuals who enjoy the president’s confidence.
  • Court wants structural reforms like restrictions on the number of terms and overall tenure for office-bearers, a bar on anyone holding more than one office at a time, a cooling-off period between one tenure and another, and the replacement of the bloated working committee with a nine-member Apex Council with player representation etc.


  • BCCI being private body would not be subject to such restrictions in its right to form an association and not subject to judicial micromanagement. But cricket is a national sport and the BCCI, irrespective of its legal status, must act in a transparent and accountable manner as a trustee of the game.
  • BCCI needs to ensure transparency and accountability due to huge infusion of corporate funding and betting scandals in recent years. In this background judicial intervention is welcome.
  • Courts order gains importance in the backdrop of increased impression about BCCI as a cosy, self-serving club and growing cases of conflict of interest.
  • Many issues in recent times plagued the game, hence there is an urgent need to fix these issues. In this background Supreme Court’s order makes sense to reform BCCI.


Issue like conflict of interest, betting scandals, unaccountability have severely affected the game and raised several questions on functioning of the BCCI. Hence it is important to put end to such issues by bringing structural reforms in BCCI. Though at it face looks like judicial activism, but considering the sad state of affairs in BCCI, Apex Courts order is need of the hour to bring transparency and accountability in the functioning of BCCI.

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