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Q. Raising retirement age of government doctors: Comment on recent announcement by Prime Minister on raising retirement age of government doctors.
May 31, 2016 Related to : GS Paper-2

Ans :

In news- 

On the eve of two year completion of government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently announced raising the retirement age of government doctors to 65 years and the same will be approved by union cabinet soon.

Why there is need to raise the age of retirement of government doctors?

  • Presently India is facing acute shortage of doctors.

  • Each government doctor serves a population of over 11,000 people, whereas WHO norm says that there should be one doctor per 1,000 populations. 

  • Public health care system in India is facing various problems and uncertainties.

How increasing the retirement age of government doctors helps?

  • Enhancing the retirement age of government doctors would help to overcome the shortage of doctors.

  • As it takes time to produce new doctors, retaining doctors who are already in service makes eminent sense.

  • Retaining doctors in service and recruiting more doctors would helps to address the various problems that India public health care system facing.


  • Retaining doctors in service will not increase the number of doctors on government rolls unless the government continues to hire more, hence government needs to recruit more doctors.

  • India needs to expand and improve medical education, for that MCI must be cleansed and strengthened. 

  • Medical seats are very less in our country, shortage of seats leads to high prices. Hence medical seats must be increased and medical education must be improved. Also government should relax land requirement for setting up new medical colleges.


Economic growth is considerable good since last two decades, but public health care system in not developed on that par and facing various problems. Hence India needs to improve and expand the medical education system. It needs to build not just an army of medical professionals but also fix its broken public healthcare system. In this direction, though raising retirement age however small, but definitely welcome move.


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